Bloody Rangers!

An event in last night’s game made me think INSTANTLY of Nolan Ryan.  So I screen grabbed a shot of them together from the TV, and slapped it on here.  Made me laugh.   Click it for a larger version.



Stopping For Now

I’ll get straight to the point.  After much consideration, I’ve decided to stop doing the daily updates here.

Since I dropped cable TV, my ability to keep up with Rangers games has been really impacted.  Those who have followed my site would have heard me rant about that.  However, one thing that also has changed a lot since last season is the fact that I am working again.    That has taken up more of my time than I anticipated.  I tend to work strange hours, and my need to timeshift the games is even more of an issue than it was before.  Before, I could get away with it, because I wasn’t working, and could devote more time to the games, especially since I had to listen to them when they happened due to radio.  Work has impacted that more than I thought it would.

I tried this season to keep it going, but about 3 times, I’ve fallen behind on updates of like 10 games.  When the team has played only 64 – that’s a lot.  When I fell behind most recently, I started thinking of doing the catch up work and quite frankly, I just didn’t want to.  Most of the games during the week I just miss totally anymore.   What time I get in the evenings that I’m not working is now spent with my kids and wife.  That’s NO complaint, just a reality.  They deserve my time more than the baseball games do.   By the time I’m done with them, the games are over.  There’s been a game or two in the last few weeks that I got notified via email it was over, and I didn’t even realize they were playing.   I also realized that I never updated my roster page once the team broke camp back at the end of Spring Training.  That’s fallen way behind, and right now I don’t have really have the desire (much less the time) to go through all that and update it.

Due to all this, I’ve decided this is the time to stop trying to force myself to do daily updates.   The above is why.  However, I’m not stopping cold turkey.  I’m not taking the site down.  I will leave it here, I’ve put a lot of work into this since I started in December 1998.  Going forward, I will still maintain these parts:

  • “How Many in 201x”.  I’ve rather enjoying keeping track of that the last few seasons.  It ties in mostly to transactions, but I’ve had some nice compliments on that, so I’ll keep doing it.
  • Uniform Number History – that’s been a thing I’ve REALLY enjoyed more than any other on the site.  I’ve gotten personal communications from Victor Rojas (when he was here), and Eric Nadel about the usefulness of that, so with those in mind, I will make sure that gets updated going forward.

Plus, when the mood strikes, I’ll say something.   But it’s obvious to anyone that I’ve pulled back, but in my mind I still saw it as something that needed to be updated every day.  By releasing myself from that, I think I can enjoy the thing a bit more, and perhaps not stress out so much about missing bits.  I’m still going to follow the team, I’m still going to be paying attention where I can (given the boundaries I set out above).  I’m still going to be a Rangers fan, and I’m keeping up, just not as visibly on these pages.

Thanks to all who have visited me over the years, and as I said – not going away, just changing focus.  Go visit me and a lot of other great Rangers fans on our Facebook Texas Rangers Fan Page.

Thanks, and God Bless You!


Catching Up, sorta

Hey, I’ve fallen behind in game updates again.   I’m now down 11 games, and I’m not feeling particularly interested in writing about the Rangers.  Last week I had a death in the family, and then there’s the tornadoes we had in the DFW area a week ago, and then tonight the mess in Oklahoma.  I think I’m just going to skip writing about those games, as I’m really NOT in the mood to write about baseball at the moment.

I am however, going to go through the transactions and bring that up to speed, and I already brought my “How Many in 2013” up to speed.   I did see that the move they made today to get Josh Lindblom up will be negated before tomorrow, as he’s going back down.  Odd move, as it effectively jettisons Derek Lowe.   I’ll have more to say about that in the actual transaction.

I know from my traffic logs, I don’t have a ton of high level traffic, and that’s OK.  I used to care about that, I don’t as much anymore.   But still, for those that do follow me, I don’t like getting that far behind.   Sorry about that.  :)

I also realized I never updated my roster page for the start of the season.   Part of that is because I haven’t been to a game this year, and haven’t been able to pick up a media guide, which is what I usually use for that.  I’ll get to that when I get a copy of the media guide.  Anyone who goes to the game be interested in picking me up one and sending it my way?  Let me know.

An Open Letter to Trent Williams [UPDATED]

I updated this after the initial reaction on Twitter.  Read below the picture…

Dude, please stop.

I’m talking about the guy who has season tickets out in section 51 of Rangers ballpark.  This is the guy who in the last few years has a habit of running out on the field, catching home run balls and throwing them back.    He’s been doing this for some time now.  I don’t recall offhand when he first started doing this, but I recall for sure seeing it during the 2011 season.    The earliest I can (quickly) find was this reference to a game in September 2011.

When he started doing this, it was kind of cool.  Even amusing.   I used to get a kick out of it.  Not anymore.  I am starting to hate when opponents hit home runs out there.  Not because of my objecting to throwing home run balls back (which is another entire discussion), but the fact that this guy dominates home run balls.   I mean seriously – he seems to want to be “the man” out there, and that’s why I have a problem with this.  If I were a parent in that area, I’d be really pissed off, because Trent Williams near me means my kid has no hope of getting a home run ball. [Read more…]

Win a Free Copy of Josh Lewin’s Book

My site has been going for awhile now, and during that time I’ve seen several broadcasters come and go.  However, one of the more polarizing ones was Josh Lewin, who was the television play by play guy from 2002 through 2010.   I say polarizing, because there’s a lot of fans who really disliked him.  There’s a lot of fans who really did like him.  For the most part I liked him – although I did think there were too many forays into movies and food, but whether you liked his work or not, you can’t deny the man was a pro, and a hard worker.  He was ready for the games he broadcast.  I wish he was here for more of them (never liked the weekends away), but that’s all in the past now.  Today I’m here to talk about his book, “Ballgame!: A Decade Covering the Texas Rangers from the Best Seat in the House”.  Or as I call it, “Ballgame!”.   [Read more…]

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball 2013

Have three open slots in one of my two Yahoo leagues.  Here’s the details for it.

League ID: 49630
pw: onestriketogo
Draft: Sat Mar 16 @ 8PM Central

I do have one open slot, maybe two in the other league, but I need to confirm two people before I’m sure there.  Will post about that one when I am.

It’s free, and if you want to play, please.  Join.  But, please join only if you intend on playing the whole season out.  Nothing worse than a person who bails out in April.


Robbie Ross’ Glove

It looks like Robbie Ross has been to “Round Rock Donuts” in Round Rock TX.   It looks like a giant glazed donut!

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball

I just noticed that 2013 Yahoo Fantasy Baseball is up and running again for the new year.  I just saw it, and I’m pretty tired and will be heading to bed soon, so I’ll look into this tomorrow and get the ball rolling again.