Tanner Scheppers to DL

  • P Tanner Scheppers placed on 15 day DL
  • P Aaron Poreda purchased from AAA
  • IF Andy Parrino designated for assignment [ Link ]

NOTES: Scheppers started the season with a lot of promise, he was doing well in spring training.  Opening day I think most people were content to let slide as jitters.  But it didn’t get better after that.  His numbers seemed really counter to what he was doing in spring training, so perhaps it was a late spring injury.   Aaron Poreda comes up, and I don’t know much about him, but his numbers before getting here look decent, so we’ll see how he goes.  Oddly enough Poreda last pitched in the majors in 2009 for the Padres!  Parrino I know NOTHING about, he was a waiver claim from Oakland on Mar 3, and now he’s gone.


Colby Lewis arrives finally

  • P Colby Lewis purchased from AAA
  • P Daniel McCutchen designated for assignment [ Link ]

NOTES: Most fans felt Colby Lewis should have arrived earlier than April 14th – like on March 31st, but at least he’s here now.  Hopefully he can pull off another comeback like he did a few years ago, we could use it this season.   It cost Daniel McCutchen his roster spot.  I wasn’t attached to McCutchen, but he did well enough I thought.   Still, someone has to go, can’t keep 20 pitchers at once.


Beltre to DL

  • 3B Adrian Beltre placed on 15 day DL, retro to Apr 9
  • P Hector Noesi added to active roster, after having been traded for on Apr 12 from Seattle for $ [ Link ]

NOTES: Well, it seems Beltre to the DL is a regular occurance at this point.  Don’t like it to be, as he still plays well hurt, but you don’t want to blow the guy out either.   His roster replacement, Hector Noesi, is a Mariners castoff.  Can’t imagine he’ll stay long here.   We’re really blowing through the roster moves this year!  :)


Kouzmanoff arrives

  • IF Kevin Kouzmanoff purchased from AAA
  • P Seth Rosin designated for assignment [ Link ]

NOTES: Well, Adrian Beltre came out of the game last night and looked hurt.  He’s not technically on the disabled list, but they did bring up Kevin Kouzmanoff.  Without Beltre going on DL, they needed to make a spot on the 25 and the 40, so Seth Rosin was DFA’ed.  He was a RUle 5 guy, so I suspect we won’t be allowed to keep him.  That’s a shame, as I really did like Rosin.

Bit worried about Beltre though – ick.


Saunders to DL

  • P Joe Saunders placed on 15 day DL, retro to Apr 5
  • P Daniel McCutchen recalled from AA Frisco [ Link ]

NOTES: Can Saunders stay there?   My opinion of Joe Saunders:



Darvish activated

  • P Yu Darvish activated from 15 day DL
  • P Nick Martinez optioned to AA Frisco [ Link ]

NOTES: Well, you knew Yu Darvish was coming back for this date, as he was only going to miss one start.  You felt bad for Martinez, going back down after doing pretty well in his major league debut last night.  He surprised me.  Not that I expected him to do bad as such, but guys making their major league debuts as pitchers with us have a habit of deserving the send down the next day.  Not Martinez.  I suspect he’ll be back, that was a good performance by him.


Nick Martinez purchased

  • P Nick Martinez purchased from AA Frisco
  • P Daniel McCutchen optioned to AA Frisco [ Link ]
  • C Chris Gimenez cleared waivers, but refused assignment to minors, now a FA

NOTES: The roster move to get our announced fifth starter on the roster was made here.  I think most Ranger fans had a collective scratching of the head when they said that Martinez was to make the club as the fifth starter.  I know I certainly didn’t know much about him.  Jamey Newberg probably did, but I didn’t.

I was wrong about Chris Gimenez.  He’s gone. He refused his assignment to the minors and is a free agent.   He never technically played for the Rangers in 2014, but he WAS on the opening day roster.


First Roster Move of Season

  • C Chris Gimenez designated for assignment
  • P Daniel McCutchen purchased from AAA
  • P Michael Kirkman clears waivers, outrighted to AAA [ Link ]

NOTES: That didn’t take long.  The third catcher (Chris Gimenez) has been DFA’ed to bring up some bullpen help in the form of Daniel McCutchen.  McCutchen played with Pittsburgh the last few years, and had decent numbers there, so hopefully he can do well here.  Kirkman, who seems to have run out of steam with Texas cleared waivers and went to AAA.   Gimenez probably will end up at AAA, I’d wager.


Opening Day Roster Set

Well, here it is.  The big bomb of moves made to bring the roster to 25 for opening day.

  • IF Josh Wilson purchased from AAA
  • IF Adam Rosales designated for assignment
  • P Yu Darvish placed on 15 day DL, retro to Mar 21
  • IF Jurickson Profar placed on 15 day DL, retro to Mar 23
  • P Matt Harrison placed on 15 day DL, retro to Mar 29
  • C Geovany Soto placed on 60 day DL [ Link ]

This makes the opening day 25:

  • PITCHERS (11): Neal Cotts, Pedro Figueroa, Jason Frasor, Alexi Ogando, Martin Perez, Seth Rosin, Robbie Ross, Jr., Joe Saunders, Tanner Scheppers, Joakim Soria, Shawn Tolleson.
  • CATCHERS (3): J.P. Arencibia, Robinson Chirinos, Chris Gimenez.
  • INFIELDERS (5): Elvis Andrus, Adrian Beltre, Prince Fielder, Donnie Murphy, Josh Wilson.
  • OUTFIELDERS (6): Jim Adduci, Michael Choice, Shin-Soo Choo, Leonys Martin, Mitch Moreland, Alex Rios.

Some of these guys won’t be here long, as Darvish will likely miss just one start.   Donnie Murphy & Josh Wilson were both pickups the last week of spring, so it’s not a huge surprise they’re here, although I wonder how much of an impact they’ll make long term.   Chris Gimenez is a bit of a surprise, and I figure might be the first on the chopping block when it’s time to make a roster move.

Pitchers:  Joe Saunders..  I hear Darth Vader screaming “Nooooooooooooooooo” somewhere.  Shawn Tolleson & Seth Rosin, as well as Pedro Figueroa are unknowns to me – especially at this level.   The rest of the guys we know about, although I wonder how Scheppers will handle opening day.

Feels like a wobbly roster given how hurt we’ve been, but I’ve rooted for worse teams than this in the past.  I’ll give it a shot to see how it goes.


Canseco Head


Goodbye Mike


Siri and 2014 Season

Well, Siri on my iPhone finally knows about the 2014 season. I asked it tonight what the next Rangers game was, and it said this.



Shin-Soo Choo

Hopefully this South Korean signing goes better than the last one we had.   That guy wore #61, though.

We officially announced Choo yesterday, and I’ve always liked him.   Was one of those guys I always said “I’d love to that THAT guy”, but never figured we would.  Much in the same way I always wanted Vlad Guerrero.  Player I enjoyed watching playing for others.

We are paying for him, of that there’s no doubt.  But the new TV contract money kicks in after the 2014 season.  You always figured we’d do stuff like this what that extra TV contract money.   This, and Prince Fielder are players that I think we have due to the influx of new cash from the TV contract.

Choo’s salary:

2014:  $14M
2015:  $14M
2016:  $20M
2017:  $20M
2018:  $20M
2019:  $21M
2020:  $21M

Apparently the first couple of years have some dollars moved off until later.  I’ve read where it was to create “team flexibility” early on.  I think it’s to offload it for the new TV money.   He does get a partial no trade clause, although in what capacity, I’m not sure.

One thing I’ll say I’m hopeful for.  When Chan Ho Park first came to Texas, the first couple of months before he started stinking up the joint, he’d come out, and the Koreans would be all over his games.  When Park would get a strikeout, they’d all start dancing and hootin’ and hollerin, blowing their horns and all that.  Was a very fun atmosphere.  I hope Choo brings that back, as I really missed that once Park started being bad.

I’ve been getting an itch to write again, so I probably will have more to say soon.  Don’t think I’ll return to daily updates again, but I have wanted to say more.


JP Arencebia signed

  • C J.P. Arencebia signed to 1 year contract

NOTES: Well, I would have rather kept AJ Pierzynski, but JP can catch.  He’s another one of those guys much like Soto.  Great catcher.  Not a great hitter.  JP has some pop – can hit a few home runs, but not terribly much else.  Strikes out a lot.  Had 148 of them in 2013.

So basically, we’ll have Soto & Arencebia splitting the catching duties in 2014.   They say Soto will be the #1 guy with JP backing up, but my gut says it will be a lot closer to 50/50 than that statement.


Minor League Signings

  • P Jose Contreras (yes, that one) signed to minor league contract w/ invite to spring training.
  • LF Bryan Petersen signed to minor league contract w/ invite to spring training.
  • P Nate Adcock signed to minor league contract w/ invite to spring training.

NOTES: Jose Contreras?  Seriously?!?  Why don’t we just bring back Mark Clark while you’re at it?


Gentry Traded

  • OF Craig Gentry & P Josh Lindblom traded to Oakland A’s for OF Michael Choice & 2B Chris Bostick.

NOTES: Lindblom was most known as the guy traded for Michael Young’s departure from Texas.  His departure FROM Texas is no big deal, as he was a bust here.  Craig Gentry however was a bit of a surprise.  He was clearly the fastest guy on our team, and speed is not something you can coach.  While Michael Choice has some upside (and he’s a local boy, from Arlington), it is a bit of an eyebrow raiser.   I really liked Gentry, some I have to hope that Choice steps up and is incredibly good.   Here’s hoping.


November Moves 2

  • SS Jose Contreras (not THAT one) signed to a minor league contract (Nov 26)
  • C Melvin Novoa signed to a minor league contract (Nov 26)
  • CF Rafael Ortega claimed off waivers from Colorado Rockies (Nov 27)
  • P Yonelvy Pichardo signed to a minor league contract (Nov 27)



Prince Fielder arrives

  • 2B Ian Kinsler traded to Detroit Tigers for 1B Prince Fielder & $
  • P Shawn Tolleson claimed off waivers from Los Angeles Dodgers
  • SS Luis Sardinas & P Lisalverto Bonilla were “selected” from AA Frisco
  • P Ben Rowen was “selected” from AAA Round Rock
  • P Edwar Cabrera was outrighted to AAA

NOTES: Obviously the big deal here is the trade of Ian Kinsler to Detroit.  Despite my calling him Capt Uppercut for several years now, and his horrible tendency to want to hit EVERY ball over the left field fence, he was here for a long time.  I’ll miss the presence in the lineup.  Next April it will feel weird having someone else (likely Profar) out there at second base.

Having said that, what you get back is Prince Fielder.  He’s a guy I’ve always wanted to have on my team, and I never quite thought I would.  He has one of those swings that our Home Run porch was made for.   We’ll have him through the 2020 season if the contract stays the same.  We’re getting $30 million from the Tigers to help pay for his contract.  That $30M will come here through the 2016-2020 seasons.

His stick is quite exciting to think about.  His defense, not as much.  I suspect if Mitch Moreland had figured out how to hit the ball before now, we wouldn’t have made this move.  But I’m quite excited to see what Prince Fielder can do in our Ballpark.  :)


November Moves 1

Here’s a collection of minor moves in November 2013:

  • P Ross Wolf signed, assigned to AAA (Nov 4)
  • C Geovany Soto elected free agency (Nov 4)
  • P Travis Blackley elected free agency (Nov 4)
  • P Matt Harrison activated from 60 day DL (Nov 4)
  • P Edwar Cabrera roster status changed (Nov 4 – what the heck does that MEAN)
  • P Colby Lewis elected free agency (Nov 5)
  • C Geovany Soto signed to a 1 year contract (Nov 5)
  • SS Franklin Rollin signed to a minor league contract (Nov 9)
  • OF Angelo Santana signed to a minor league contract (Nov 11)
  • P Zach Russell signed to a minor league contract (Nov 11)
  • OF Brad Snyder signed to a minor league contract w/invite to spring (Nov 14)
  • OF Kalian Sams signed to a minor league contract (Nov 15)
  • OF Jake Smolinski signed to a minor league contract (Nov 18)

NOTES: This is another batch of guys whose names I am probably never writing again on here.   However, Geovany Soto was signed back after a procedural move through free agency.   When he was signed, it was said he would be “the man”, the #1 catcher.  I have never had a problem with his catching.  His hitting however, is more of a problem.   I agree we probably need him, but I’d feel better with someone stronger as the #1 catcher, though – just from an offensive standpoint.

Colby Lewis was technically granted free agency, but both sides have said they wanted to work something out, so he’ll be back.


Nathan Gone

  • P Joe Nathan elected free agency
  • P Chaz Roe claimed off waivers from Arizona Diamondbacks

NOTES: I was a bit sad, but not completely surprised we didn’t keep Joe Nathan.  When we first signed him, I wasn’t sure how that would play out – coming back from an injury and all. But he was great when he was here.  I hope we can pull something together without him, as I doubt we’d bring in another FA closer, we would have just kept Nathan in that case.


October Moves

There were a boatload of minor league signings and small procedural moves in October.  Other than making a single entry for all of them, I’m gonna list them together here, and date them.  Figure that’s a better move than creating individual entries for each.

  • P Matt West activated from 60 day DL (Oct 9)
  • OF Jeff Baker designated for assignment (Oct 9) – elected free agency (Oct 14)
  • P Edward Cabrera claimed off waivers from Colorado Rockies (Oct 16)
  • P Kyle Lotzkar signed to minor league contract (Oct 19)
  • P Aaron Poreda signed to minor league contract w/invite to spring (Oct 23)
  • P Eddy Morrobel signed to minor league contract (Oct 26)
  • OF Cristian Encarnacion signed to minor league contract (Oct 29)
  • P Colby Lewis activated from 60 day DL (Oct 31)
  • DH Lance Berkman elected free agency (Oct 31)

NOTES: Most of these are minor league signings, the bulk of which I wonder if I’ll ever write their names on this site again.  Jeff Baker’s DFA was a bit of a surprise, he was a decent off the bench cog, I thought.

Lance Berkman’s taking free agency is no big surprise here.   The bigger surprise will be if he does NOT retire after this move.  I don’t dislike the guy, but he didn’t really do much here save for the earliest part of the 2013 season.


Joey Butler gone

  • OF Joey Butler claimed on waivers by St. Louis Cardinals

NOTE: Well, I didn’t hate the guy, but he wasn’t one of those moves that makes you go “Noooooooooo” when he’s gone.  Hope he does well in STL


Season is Over

Well, the season is over.  We got eliminated in Game 163, the tie-breaker.

I’ll probably write something about all this shortly.   Today’s news however, is that Bench coach Jackie Moore and coach Dave Anderson will not be back in 2014.  That was announced today (Oct 2nd).  [ Link ]

There was some noise today that the team wanted to get rid of Moore after the 2012 season, but Wash talked them into keeping him.  Not sure what the deal with Dave Anderson was at all.    If you ask me, and you haven’t, I’d bring up Steve Buchele to be bench coach.    If they do bring up Buuuuuuchele, it might set up some sort of situation like Philly had where Charlie Manuel had Ryne Sandberg hanging around.  Charlie had been there for awhile, and the team was struggling, so it kind of seemed to me as a Phillies fan that Sandberg was hanging around waiting for Manuel to get fired.   If the Rangers make Buchele Wash’s bench coach, there will probably be a lot of talk about “How long will Wash keep that job until they replace him with Steve Buchele?”

I am NOT in the camp that says we need to get rid of Washington at all.  I like him.   But he probably needs to show some sort of improvement in 2014, or he probably will be suspect.  I believe his contract is up after 2014.

Most importantly, who will Ron Washington hug after wins next year?  :)


Various Moves

  • 1B Chris McGuiness activated
  • P Wilmer Font activated
  • P Roman Mendez activated
  • P Josh Lindblom had his roster status changed

NOTE: Now that the season is over, various procedural moves were made today. That last one was odd.  “had his roster status changed”.  Huh?  What’s that all about.  Overall comment..  zzzzzzzz


Nelson Cruz returns

  • OF Nelson Cruz activated from suspended restricted list.
  • OF Joey Butler designated for assignment [ Link ]

NOTES:  Since we get to play a Game 163, it means Nelson Cruz is eligible to come off the restricted list to play.   To make room on the 40 man roster for that, we had to designate Joey Butler.   Now I’m writing this a couple of days after this actually happened, so I know what happened. We lost that game.

It has to suck for Joey Butler, I suppose, losing one’s 40 man spot to make room for Nelson Cruz’ return from a steroids suspension when Cruz goes 0-4 with a strikeout, and we lose the game and the season is over.