Nathan Gone

  • P Joe Nathan elected free agency
  • P Chaz Roe claimed off waivers from Arizona Diamondbacks

NOTES: I was a bit sad, but not completely surprised we didn’t keep Joe Nathan.  When we first signed him, I wasn’t sure how that would play out – coming back from an injury and all. But he was great when he was here.  I hope we can pull something together without him, as I doubt we’d bring in another FA closer, we would have just kept Nathan in that case.


October Moves

There were a boatload of minor league signings and small procedural moves in October.  Other than making a single entry for all of them, I’m gonna list them together here, and date them.  Figure that’s a better move than creating individual entries for each.

  • P Matt West activated from 60 day DL (Oct 9)
  • OF Jeff Baker designated for assignment (Oct 9) – elected free agency (Oct 14)
  • P Edward Cabrera claimed off waivers from Colorado Rockies (Oct 16)
  • P Kyle Lotzkar signed to minor league contract (Oct 19)
  • P Aaron Poreda signed to minor league contract w/invite to spring (Oct 23)
  • P Eddy Morrobel signed to minor league contract (Oct 26)
  • OF Cristian Encarnacion signed to minor league contract (Oct 29)
  • P Colby Lewis activated from 60 day DL (Oct 31)
  • DH Lance Berkman elected free agency (Oct 31)

NOTES: Most of these are minor league signings, the bulk of which I wonder if I’ll ever write their names on this site again.  Jeff Baker’s DFA was a bit of a surprise, he was a decent off the bench cog, I thought.

Lance Berkman’s taking free agency is no big surprise here.   The bigger surprise will be if he does NOT retire after this move.  I don’t dislike the guy, but he didn’t really do much here save for the earliest part of the 2013 season.


Joey Butler gone

  • OF Joey Butler claimed on waivers by St. Louis Cardinals

NOTE: Well, I didn’t hate the guy, but he wasn’t one of those moves that makes you go “Noooooooooo” when he’s gone.  Hope he does well in STL


Season is Over

Well, the season is over.  We got eliminated in Game 163, the tie-breaker.

I’ll probably write something about all this shortly.   Today’s news however, is that Bench coach Jackie Moore and coach Dave Anderson will not be back in 2014.  That was announced today (Oct 2nd).  [ Link ]

There was some noise today that the team wanted to get rid of Moore after the 2012 season, but Wash talked them into keeping him.  Not sure what the deal with Dave Anderson was at all.    If you ask me, and you haven’t, I’d bring up Steve Buchele to be bench coach.    If they do bring up Buuuuuuchele, it might set up some sort of situation like Philly had where Charlie Manuel had Ryne Sandberg hanging around.  Charlie had been there for awhile, and the team was struggling, so it kind of seemed to me as a Phillies fan that Sandberg was hanging around waiting for Manuel to get fired.   If the Rangers make Buchele Wash’s bench coach, there will probably be a lot of talk about “How long will Wash keep that job until they replace him with Steve Buchele?”

I am NOT in the camp that says we need to get rid of Washington at all.  I like him.   But he probably needs to show some sort of improvement in 2014, or he probably will be suspect.  I believe his contract is up after 2014.

Most importantly, who will Ron Washington hug after wins next year?  :)


Various Moves

  • 1B Chris McGuiness activated
  • P Wilmer Font activated
  • P Roman Mendez activated
  • P Josh Lindblom had his roster status changed

NOTE: Now that the season is over, various procedural moves were made today. That last one was odd.  “had his roster status changed”.  Huh?  What’s that all about.  Overall comment..  zzzzzzzz


Nelson Cruz returns

  • OF Nelson Cruz activated from suspended restricted list.
  • OF Joey Butler designated for assignment [ Link ]

NOTES:  Since we get to play a Game 163, it means Nelson Cruz is eligible to come off the restricted list to play.   To make room on the 40 man roster for that, we had to designate Joey Butler.   Now I’m writing this a couple of days after this actually happened, so I know what happened. We lost that game.

It has to suck for Joey Butler, I suppose, losing one’s 40 man spot to make room for Nelson Cruz’ return from a steroids suspension when Cruz goes 0-4 with a strikeout, and we lose the game and the season is over.


Ogando Back

  • P Alexi Ogando activated from DL

NOTES: Well, Ogando is back again.   Don’t hold out a lot of hope that it will go well.  He’s been spotty this year at best.  Had a few moments here and there of greatness, but has mostly been meh/hurt.


September Callups Pt II

  • OF Engel Betre recalled from AAA
  • OF Joey Butler recalled from AAA
  • OF Ross Wolf recalled from AAA
  • OF Joe Benson outrighted to AAA [ Link ]

NOTES: While this isn’t part of the initial big glut of callups on Sep 1st, we did add a few more players on Sep 3rd, that can only really be viewed as “Additional September Insurance”.  None of these guys were DEMANDING (by performance) to be with the big club.  :)


How Many in 2013?

Usually towards the end of the year, we always hear about how many players the Texas Rangers have used overall in any particular season. The Rangers are usually towards the high end of that list. Injuries, callups, usually make for a long list, and you tend to forget the guys who are here so quick that they don’t even have time for the proverbial “cup of coffee”.

I’ve done this for the last five seasons, and it’s worked out pretty well. I’ve also gotten some positive feedback on it, so it’s become a permanent feature here.  If you’d like to see the final tallies for the other years I’ve done this, you can still see them here: [ 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 ]

Anyway, this post will get bumped whenever there is a player who is making his first appearance for the Texas Rangers in 2013.  I am going to count guys who get called up, but don’t play immediately (or sometimes don’t play at all), as they will be part of the 25 man roster officially. So here goes. The most recent additions will be on the top of the list. The original opening day 25 man roster is not in any particular order. [Read more...]


September Callups / Moves

Well, here’s the usual gaggle of rookie callups, broken veterans who will get like two at bats all month, you know the drill.  It’s the September 1st pile of roster moves.  Here goes:

  • DH Lance Berkman activated from DL
  • P Cory Burns recalled from AAA
  • C Robinson Chirinos recalled from AAA
  • P Nick Tepesch activated from DL
  • CF Jim Adduci purchased from AAA
  • P Neftali Feliz activated from DL
  • P Michael Kirkman activated from DL
  • CF Joe Benson designated for assignment
  • P Justin Miller released [ Link ]

NOTES:  Quite a few guys coming off the DL in this group.  Nothing really a surprise. Extra catcher as a backup, some extra bullpen help.   Feliz finally takes the field in 2013…  The biggest surprise was the purchasing of Jim Adduci.   He’s 28, and has been bouncing around the minors for awhile.  Be nice to see the kid get a shot. Hopefully he can turn it into more than just a September callup and done.


Ortiz Back

  • P Smokin’ Joe Ortiz recalled from AAA
  • P Ross Wolf optioned to AAA [ Link ]

NOTES: Yawn.


Several Small Moves

There were several small moves over a few days, I was going to lump together into one post here.   None require a huge amount of commentary, IMO.  :)

  • SS Brendan Harris signed for the rest of 2013, assigned to AAA (Aug 21)
  • P Neil Ramirez traded to Chicago Cubs to complete trade for Matt Garza (Aug 23)
  • P Nick Tepesch & Matt West sent on rehab assignments (AA & AZL respectively – Aug 27)

Blackley Up, Ogando to DL

  • P Travis Blackley recalled from AAA
  • P Alexi Ogando placed on 15 day DL, retro to Aug 14
  • P Matt West recalled from A and placed on 60 day DL [ Link ]

NOTES: Travis Blackley was recalled from AAA after being assigned there a week ago when we got him on a trade.  The corresponding roster moves from the 25 man were to put Ogando on the DL (again?), and a procedural move with A ball pitcher Matt West going on the 60 day DL.

Curious to see what Blackley has.  As I said, one doesn’t think a contending club would import pitching from the worst team in the majors.


Travis Blackley acquired

  • P Travis Blackley acquired via trade from Houston Astros for PTBNL or $ [ Link ]
  • OF Manny Ramirez released from AAA [ Link ]

NOTES:  I’m not sure what to make of Blackley.  They must have seen something, as you don’t bring in a pitcher from the worst team in baseball unless you’re sure of something.

Also, the Manny Ramirez experiment is over.  If he could hit well enough, he would have been in the majors by now.  One has to think he’s done for good now.   Hey, I believe we still own the technical rights to Ricky Williams (yes, the NFL Ricky Williams).  What’s he doing?  :)


Adam Rosales AGAIN

  • OF Adam Rosales claimed off waivers from A’s.  AGAIN.  [ Link ]

NOTES:  Can we stop it with Adam Rosales?  Pick one.  We either want him or not.

Rosales was claimed on Aug 12th, and activated on Aug 13th.  OF Engel Beltre was optioned to AAA to make room for Rosales on the 25 man.


Alex Rios


Rios Activated

  • OF Alex Rios activated
  • OF Joey Butler optioned to AAA [ Link ]

NOTES: Well, that didn’t last long for Butler, he was sent back to AAA to make room for Alex Rios.  However, Butler fared better than Adam Rosales, he got his first major league start  and hit during the short time he was here.   I wrote about Rios the other day, so I’ll leave this unremarked.  :)


Adam Rosales

You know, the strange case of Adam Rosales made its way through Arlington this past week.   It occurred to me that this guy has had what can be described at best as “disorienting”, and at worst “a fiasco”.   Check out this list of roster moves made involving him recently:

  • July 8th: Designated for assignment by the Oakland A’s.
  • July 12th: Cleared waivers and assigned to AAA Sacramento by the A’s.
  • July 31st: Designated for assignment again by the A’s (to make room for Albert Callaspo).
  • August 2nd: Claimed on waivers by the Texas Rangers
  • August 5th: Designated for assignment by the Texas Rangers (to make room for Joey Butler)
  • August 8th: Claimed on waivers by the Oakland A’s (Why? They just DFA’ed him twice in a month)
  • August 10th: Designated for assignment AGAIN by the Oakland A’s (to make room for Sonny Gray).

Why the heck did the A’s grab him back on August 8th?  That doesn’t seem to make much sense, to be honest.

In his time as a Texas Ranger, he never got an at bat, but was in uniform for three days, and took up space on the 25 man roster, so I count him.  He wore Uniform #9.

Adam Rosales


Alex Rios

Well, the Rangers went and traded for Alex Rios.   This strikes me as a move that was made more out of necessity due to Nelson Cruz being suspended.  I think they probably would have tried to move forward with kids from here, but when we could get Rios, we did.   This strikes me as more of a “best player available”, kind of thing.   It’s not like Rios is bad.  He’s decent enough.  Not going to light the world on fire, but a good, solid player at a time when we could use one of those.

We were trying to get him before the deadline, and the Sox apparently wanted some big major league ready guys, so we backed off.  In the end, they took merely a PTBNL or cash.   The rumours are that they wanted Leury Garcia in return .  Garcia is a guy I’d like to hang onto, so as with the Garza trade, we’re sending decent, if young/unproven pieces back for a veteran.   At some point we’re gonna run out of pieces like that to send.  But I guess it depends on how Rios does here.

The White Sox also sent $1M in cash too, this covers two clauses Rios had in his contract that escalated the value of his 2015 buyout, and his 2014 contract by $500k each.  So basically the White Sox covered the increases in his salary due to the trade.

I’m looking forward to see how the Rios bat affects our lineup, which has been surprisingly potent the last couple of weeks.  Speedy as well.  After the Cruz suspension, it seemed like the “need to steal more bases” light went off.


Cruz gone, other moves

  • OF Nelson Cruz placed on restricted list, after 50 game suspension for PED use
  • SS Adam Rosales designated for assignment
  • OF Engel Beltre recalled from AAA
  • RF Joey Butler purchased from AAA [ Link ]

NOTES: Well, Nelson Cruz was suspended 50 games for PED use.  Can’t say I’m thrilled about that, because his bat was working well this year.  It might improve our RF defense a bit, but there’s no doubt his offense will be missed.   Adam Rosales, who we just got a couple of days ago from the A’s was DFA’ed.  He ended up being claimed back by the A’s on waivers a day after this, which is hilarious to me.   Engel Beltre is back, and we purchased Joey Butler, who is looking to make his major league debut.    This move definitely skews our roster younger by their corresponding moves.


Adam Rosales claimed

  • SS Adam Rosales claimed on waivers from Oakland A’s
  • OF Engel Beltre optioned to AAA [ Link ]

NOTES: Uh, OK.   Not sure I get this one, but there you are.   Neftali Feliz & Michael Kirkman were sent out on rehab assignments, too.  That’s more interesting to me than the technical roster move here.


Ogando back

  • P Alexi Ogando activated from 15 day DL
  • P Matt Garza activated
  • P Cory Burns optioned to AAA
  • P Smokin’ Joe Ortiz optioned to AAA [ Link ]

NOTES: Well, Alexi Ogando comes back, and I’ve pretty much lost faith in him as a starter at this point.  I really wish we’d just stop messing around, put him in the bullpen where he was significantly better, and look for an answer elsewhere.    We also activated Garza formally this day, so some of the “movable pieces” like Burns & Ortiz were on the road back to Round Rock.   Which is much closer to Driftwood, TX and the Salt Lick, so it’s not all bad for them.  :)


Garza acquired, Darvish Back

  • P Yu Darvish activated from 15 day DL
  • P Matt Garza acquired from Cubs via trade for CJ Edwards, Justin Grimm, Mike Olt, & 1/2 PTBNL’s [ Link ]

NOTES:  Well, Darvish is back from his “fake” stint on the DL.   However, the bigger news is that the Rangers got Matt Garza from the Chicago Cubs for what seems to be a hefty price for a rental player.  CJ Edwards I don’t know much about, but Justin Grimm & Mike Olt are both names.  Olt has had his stock drop a little this year, but last year, he was at the same level as “untouchable” as Jurickson Profar.   To me, his inclusion is HUGE.   Although it could be Justin Smoak again, big name, never fulfilled it.   Justin Grimm I have a love/hate with.  Sometimes I think he’s awesome, other times, get him out of here.  I don’t dislike the guy, but his performances weren’t consistent enough for me.   It would be nice if we could work it so Garza stayed here, but for now, he’s just here for the playoff run, so we’ll see how that goes first before addressing the truckloads of $ it will take to keep him later.


Some Post ASG Moves

  • P Wilmer Font optioned to AAA
  • C Robinson Chirinos optioned to AAA
  • IF/OF Jeff Baker activated from DL
  • OF Craig Gentry activated from DL [ Link ]

NOTES: No real surprises here, except possibly that we switched out a pitcher for a position player.   We sent down one of each, and activated two position players.  Hopefully Baker can pick up where he left off, he was doing quite well when he got hurt.  Font was pretty much here to hold a roster spot while Darvish was “on the DL” over the All Star break.


Darvish to DL

  • P Yu Darvish placed on 15 day DL (retro to July 7)
  • P Josh Lindblom optioned to AAA
  • P Smokin’ Joe Ortiz recalled from AAA
  • P Wilmer Font recalled from AAA [ Link ]

NOTES: Much is made of Darvish being on the DL, completing the “Opening Day Starting Rotation on the DL all at the same time” list.   However, this is more about giving him a rest in the middle of the season.   Couple the DL assignment with a retroactive date, plus the All-Star game in the middle of it, and it effectively amounts to him just missing a single start.  I don’t think there’s anything major here, and the official DL designation (right trapezius strain) sounds like one of those made up things.    Wilmer Font adds to the list of pitchers we’ve used this year, which is really high.