Broadcasters & Attendance

Tonight, I was looking around my own site, and saw a few pages that needed updating now that the 2012 season has been completed.  They are the “Broadcaster History” page, as well as the “Attendance History” page.  Given the Rangers announced late last week what the broadcast teams will be for 2013, I figured this would be a good time to update these pages, as they’re pretty static.  The attendance one gets updated just once a year, and the broadcaster one as well, unless there’s a midseason change (which has happened a few times recently).  After updating the pages, I have a few notes and observations. [Read more…]


Josh Hamilton and Contract Numbers

This whole story is written around the concept that the numbers being reported this morning are accurate.  If they’re not, well, sod this story.  :)

A report this morning says that Josh Hamilton wants a 7 year contract and $175 Million.    My initial reaction to that?  UH, NO WAY.   I mean, seriously – does he honestly think someone is giving him that?   While I like Josh – I have always liked him since he came here.  The way the 2012 season ended was disappointing yes – but I’m not about to pitchfork him out of town based on the slump at the end.  He did great for us during his time here, and I loved the way he put Jesus out there in front, something that was refreshing for this Christian.  But dude..  7 years?  Are you serious? [Read more…]


Texas Rangers Offseason Player Thoughts

I felt energized by Jeff’s offer to help out with the writing here on this site.  I decided not to wait for Spring Training 2013 or some big off season move to write something.  I decided to break out the keyboard and plow through an article that takes a look at the 2012 Rangers roster.   Basically, it’s a few remarks about each player, both in what happened in 2012, and perceptions for said player in 2013.  I’ve gone through and listed all 39 players that played for the big club in the 2012 season, and some thoughts on each of them.  Let me know what you think – if you agree or disagree in the comments (or if I’ve made some egregious error). :)

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