Former Ranger Player Whereabouts?

In going over my roster pages for the 2010 season, here are some former Rangers whose current whereabouts I can’t find accurate (or at least formal) info for. If you know any, please comment below. If you think they’ve retired, let me have a link, not just “I think they retired”. Danke.

  • Jason Ellison – Last heard playing in the Phillies system in 2009.
  • Franklyn German – Was in camp with the White Sox in Spring 2009, didn’t make it, sent down, released July 2009.
  • Kaz Fukumori – Our great (failed) Japanese experiment. I believe he was finally released by the Rangers in June 2009. If I had to guess, he went back to Japan.
  • Desi Relaford – Became a free agent on Nov 3, 2007. Presumed retired.
  • Mike Wood – Signed by the Rangers on Aug 31, 2009. Is he still with us?
  • Kenny Lofton – Rangers traded him to the Indians in July 2007. Haven’t heard from since, presumed retired.
  • John Rheinecker – Granted Free Agency by the Rangers on Oct 1, 2008. Haven’t heard from since.
  • Esteban Yan – Signed as a minor league free agent with the Marlins on Aug 12, 2009. No idea where he is now.
  • Rudy Seanez – Last seen with the Angels in 2009, when they released him Jul 18th. Has he retired finally?
  • Victor Santos – Signed a minor league deal with the Giants, was in camp with ’em in 2008, didn’t make the cut.
  • Kenny Rogers – Filed for free agency from Tigers in Nov 2008. Presumed retired.
  • Ramon Nivar – Signed as a minor league free agent by the Dodgers on Jun 27, 2009. Presumed a free agent.
  • Craig Monroe – Released by the Pirates Jul 1, 2009. Presumed a free agent.
  • Dan Miceli – Last seen playing for the Long Island Ducks in the 2009 season.
  • Esteban Loaiza – DFA’ed by the Dodgers on May 24, 2008. Unknown since then.
  • Ricky Ledee – Elected Free Agency on Nov 3, 2007. Presumed retired.
  • Hideki Irabu – Retired on Apr 11, 2005, then showed up in 2009 with the Long Beach Armada (Independant Golden Baseball League). Their site says he’s still with ’em in 2010, but…..
  • Ken Huckaby – Signed with the Royals as a minor league free agent on Jan 17, 2008, unknown since then.
  • Aki Otsuka – Got hurt with the Rangers, and had surgery. I heard something a year or so ago about him not completely giving up a return. But nothing official. Classifying him as retired.
  • Adam Eaton – Last seen being DFA’ed by the Rockies on Sep 10, 2009. Presumed a free agent.
  • Terrmel Sledge – Last known being with the Nippon Ham Fighters in 2008.
  • Rick Bauer – Last known being released by the LG Twins of the South Korean baseball league with an injury. His Wikipedia page says he’s in the Rockies organization, but I can’t find evidence of that.
  • Carl Everett – Last known to be playing for the Newark Bears in the 2009 season. Unknown since then.
  • Ryan Drese – Last known to be playing for the Camden Riversharks in the 2009 season. Unknown since then.
  • Danny Ardoin – Released by Dodgers after 2009 season. Presumed a free agent.
  • Nick Regilio – Last seen being released by the Tigers in May of 2009. Presumed a free agent.
  • David Dellucci – Last seen being DFA’ed by the Blue Jays on Jul 23, 2009. Presumed a free agent.
  • John Wasdin – Last seen playing for the Saitama Seibu Lions in 2009. Unknown current status.
  • Erasmo Ramirez – Last seen being released by the White Sox in Apr 2009. Unknown current status.
  • Jeff Zimmerman – He signed a minor league deal with the Mariners on Apr 7, 2009. Unknown current status, although it’s probably fair to assume he’s retired again.

UPDATE #1: Thanks to a friend of mine Dave who is a big Red Sox fan, he found a story showing that Kason Gabbard resigned with the Sox for 2010. It also found that Doug Mirabelli is formally retired now and works as a realtor for Coldwell Banker Schmidt Realtors in Traverse City, MI.


Is there something wrong with Hank Blalock?

The best shot I thought Blalock had for a starting 1B gig anywhere was with the Mets. They’ve now signed Fernando Tatis again to platoon with someone else to play first for the Mets.
Wow, they weren’t even interested in Blalock? What’s he doing, asking for $13 million a season or something? I’m really surprised nobody is even talking about him. The only time you hear Blalock’s name mentioned nationally is when someone goes “Man, why is Blalock not being picked up?”
I had heard a rumor about a month ago or so about him maybe going to the Pirates. A quick check online as I write this shows that Baltimore might take a sniff on him, but even that seems odd.
He didn’t fall off THAT much at the back end of his time here. So why seemingly no nibbles at all?
Hank’s Homies can’t be happy about any of this.


Orel Hershisher Does the Baseball Boogie!

If you remember a video I posted last July of Orel participating in a video called “Voices that Care“, it was pretty painful to watch. However, I was just emailed one that’s even worse. Like the other Orel video, this makes the Super Bowl Shuffle look like Grammy Award winning stuff.
Man, there was some awful crap in the 80’s.