Uniform Numbers

In this section, I have put together the player history of every uniform number in team history. This was pieced together with my own notes since roughly 1997 onwards, plus old media guides, programs, and Internet research. I believe I’ve got everything during the regular seasons starting back in 1961 through the current year. This obviously also includes the Washington Senators days. I definitely have players covered, but coaches are harder to find info for as I go backwards in history. I have the vast majority of the time covered, but if you know of a hole that I don’t have info for, I’d love to have that information. However, I would prefer that if you are offering help that you have proof of what you’re submitting. I really don’t want a submission like “I’m pretty sure ‘Player X’ wore this number in 1978″. I want some concrete proof of submissions. A few notes about this section:

  • I’m not counting spring training numbers before 2002 because I don’t have access to that info. If I had it, I would use it.
  • In some cases, I will carry spring training uniform numbers here and there with the notation (st) after them.
  • Where relevant (or where I have good pictures), I will try and include some pictures of people wearing the uniform numbers.
  • I’m not counting the replacement players from Spring of 1995. While I would have loved to have seen them play, and use their numbers, info on them is hard to come by.
  • The single digit uniform numbers are listed here as 01, 02, etc, to keep them in the correct display numerical order. As actually worn, they were 1, 2, etc.
  • Some things are hard to come by.  The temporary coach who was up for just two days.  Things like that.  If you have addtl info, please pass it on.


Some folks who have helped out over the years with this project:

  • Holly – don’t know her last name, used to work for the Rangers
  • Victor Rojas
  • Eric Nadel
  • The beatwriters: Anthony Andro, TR Sullivan, Evan Grant
  • This book – it’s a great resource.

Retired Numbers:

  • 26 – Johnny Oates
  • 34 – Nolan Ryan
  • 42 – Jackie Robinson (by mlb.com)


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