Winners of Josh Lewin Book

I picked these awhile ago, but real life has gotten in the way, and I’ve been unable to post the stories.  I picked a couple of winners, and am sending out the books.  One bonus that I didn’t tell people about.   I got Josh Lewin to autograph the books, too!   Josh was most kind, I mailed down the covers to him in Florida when the Mets were still in camp down there.  He sent them back to me, and now I’m ready to ship everything out, so I wanted to post the winners.  Thanks to those who entered, and if you missed the original post, go check it out, as it has my review of the book.   Let’s get to the winners:


1) Janis T.

I always enjoyed the interplay between Josh and Tom about “cookie talk”.  They had fun with it, and it didn’t just lie there between the two of them like a dead mackerel as it sometimes does now.  I know that’s inconsequential in the scheme of things, but as one of the people who is a Huge Rangers fan, and who also enjoyed making things to send up to the booth when I got to go to a game, it was fun. And hearing him shout “Ballgame!” after a win.  Always great.  I miss Josh.

2) Brandon C.

I think my favorite story about Josh was sitting in my bedroom after school on September 23, 2004, watching the Rangers face the Oakland A’s. I still remember keeping up with the game until I could get home, then turning the TV on in the bottom of the ninth, watching David Dellucci stride to the plate, and then seeing that swing. I saw the ball drop into fair territory, then all I remember next is Josh screaming hysterically as the two runs scored that would win the game, and for the first time in years would give the Rangers hope at making the playoffs. Even though it never came to fruition, that memory of Josh making one of the most exciting games in franchise history that much more exciting was something that I will cherish as a Rangers fan forever. If they’ll ever release the video of it, I’m pretty sure it will be one of the clips I show my kids one day to get them excited about baseball. But I have Josh to thank for really making it even more memorable than it already was.

3) Jeff W.

My absolute favorite Josh Lewin moment came when Bengie Molina hit for the cycle in Boston in 2010. Both Grieve and Lewin were fired up all game long with how well Molina was hitting, including his grand slam. But then, when Molina drilled that hit in one of the most improbable spots in Fenway, there was a point when both of them realized that this could be it.  The most unlikely player on the team was going to do the impossible. And there it was, “Big Fella”, as Josh affectionately called him, slid into 3rd and also into the history books. And the best part?  For that 12 seconds it took Molina to move 270 feet, Lewin wasn’t an announcer. He was a fan, just like the rest of us.

And finally, here’s my own favorite..

My single favorite memory (sorry if I already told you this) was probably the time you punked TAG with the telestrator, by diagramming something on the field, and you ended up writing JOSH.  I wish I had that on TiVo.  Most people will go with the Hamilton walkoff where Josh practically screamed his lungs out of his mouth with BALLGAME!!!!

And while I’m at it, I think my favorite TAG moment is probably when Hideki Irabu was with the Rangers..  He was getting shelled, and going to commercial, TAG”s mike wasn’t closed, and he said “This guy couldn’t pitch his way out of a fucking paper bag!”.  Roared on that one.  Loved the honest reaction there, but that’s something you guys can never do.  heh.

Win a Free Copy of Josh Lewin’s Book

My site has been going for awhile now, and during that time I’ve seen several broadcasters come and go.  However, one of the more polarizing ones was Josh Lewin, who was the television play by play guy from 2002 through 2010.   I say polarizing, because there’s a lot of fans who really disliked him.  There’s a lot of fans who really did like him.  For the most part I liked him – although I did think there were too many forays into movies and food, but whether you liked his work or not, you can’t deny the man was a pro, and a hard worker.  He was ready for the games he broadcast.  I wish he was here for more of them (never liked the weekends away), but that’s all in the past now.  Today I’m here to talk about his book, “Ballgame!: A Decade Covering the Texas Rangers from the Best Seat in the House”.  Or as I call it, “Ballgame!”.   [Read more…]

Pocket Schedule Images Updated

As we move on with the earliest stages of spring training, I’m updating some parts of my site, getting them ready for the upcoming season.  One of which is a photo page that shows all (well, a lot, I’d be a liar to say it’s all) the pocket schedule images from 1972-2013.   From the mid 90’s onwards, I’ve gotten them myself at the games, earlier than that I’ve acquired via finding them on the net, or having someone send in pictures for me.  Today, I have someone to thank.  His name is Bob – he never sent me his last name.

While I have at least one schedule for every season the club has been in texas, I’m pretty sure I don’t have all the variants produced.  Bob sent me five images of alternate versions I did not have, so I put them up on my site.  Check out these historical remnants from the past..

[Read more…]

Broadcasters & Attendance

Tonight, I was looking around my own site, and saw a few pages that needed updating now that the 2012 season has been completed.  They are the “Broadcaster History” page, as well as the “Attendance History” page.  Given the Rangers announced late last week what the broadcast teams will be for 2013, I figured this would be a good time to update these pages, as they’re pretty static.  The attendance one gets updated just once a year, and the broadcaster one as well, unless there’s a midseason change (which has happened a few times recently).  After updating the pages, I have a few notes and observations. [Read more…]

A Second Voice

As I posted a little bit ago, I had doubts that I wanted to continue on into the new season in the format this site has had for awhile.  I found it hard to stay focused when I have no TV to watch, and I couldn’t timeshift the radio broadcasts.  Fortunately, a friend of mine decided to step in and offer to write about some of the games on this site, too.  He’s a good friend of mine, the two of us attend church together, and he’s been a long time Ranger fan.  He lives in the Arlington area, and his name is Jeff.  We attended the one game together in the 2010 World Series that the Rangers won, so that was cool.   Here’s a picture of us from the MLB Gigapan photo.  I think Jeff knew when it was being taken, as he covered my face with his camcorder.  :)

I’m appreciative to Jeff for helping out going forward.  In fact, he wrote two commentaries already towards the end of the 2012 season.  The ones for Games 160 & 161, so you can check them out.   That will probably lighten the load on me going forward.  Plus, this site is called “Rangerfans” – as in plural, so it probably will be cool to get a second voice on here.    I also restored the byline credit on the site.  Because I was the only one writing, it seemed kind of silly to have “by Joe” under the title of each article.  But with two of us, I felt it was time to put that back.

Jeff posts in the Texas Rangers fan group on Facebook as well as me, so you might recognize him from there.   Not sure what the plans for off season writing is, probably a remark here and there when the mood strikes.  But I’m grateful to a friend for stepping up and helping out.   Back in the earliest days of this site I had a second author for part of the start of the 1999 season, but that guy didn’t last long – and disappeared off the face of the Earth too.  I would think Jeff wouldn’t.

Win Free Copy of Essential Games DVD Set!

UPDATE: The contest is over now, I’ve gotten enough people now for the giveaway thanks to the addtl submissions sent in.

If you’ve been a fan of the Texas Rangers, you’ve watched a lot of games on TV, and while the Rangers don’t have a pedigree like say the Yankees in the post season, there are quite a few notable games in the back catalogue.  That’s what I’m writing about today.  This coming Tuesday, there’s a DVD set due out which contains four of these “Essential Games” from the Rangers history.  I’m going to write about the set, and due to the folks from A&E Home Entertainment/MLB Productions, I’m going to have five copies to give away to my site visitors.  That will take the form of a trivia contest, more on that below.  First off, a review..

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I’m still here

In the last two weeks I’ve come down with a pulled muscle in my neck that is made more painful if I do things that involve my hands.  Such as typing for any length of time, and playing videogames.   That’s why I’ve disappeared.  When this clears up, I’ll play catch up, but I didn’t want people to think I’ve abandoned ship.

Another Giveaway Coming Soon

I’ll be giving away copies of Josh Lewin’s Book, once I receive them from the publisher.  I want to have them in hand before I run the giveaway.  Look for it soon, they’re inbound.

My new 2012 Seat Selector is online!

I’ve been running this site since December 1998, and in that time there’s been two things on my site that no other Texas Rangers fan site has done that I’m aware of.

One is a history of the uniform numbers for the entire franchise history.   That one got me some notice.  Victor Rojas name checked me a few times with Eric Nadel on radio broadcasts regarding this when he was still with Texas.   You can view that here if you’d like.

The other is a feature that I call my “Seat Selector”.  It’s a feature that’s on many a website.  In fact, there’s an entire site dedicated to the concept (that you should check out if you haven’t).   Many a moon ago (back during the first season this site was active, which was 1999), I went around the park, took a picture of every section, and put it on the website.   But there’s more to the story than just that.   Check it out..

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