Congrats to Phil Humber of the White Sox on his perfect game today.   Didn’t get to see it, but these are always special.

Coverage of the perfect game is available here.


Cool MLB “Generational” Video

MLB has had some fun with video trickery and made this commercial for themselves where a ton of greats from all eras of baseball are “together” on the field. Yeah, it’s obviously video trickery, but it’s still a pretty cool video just the same.
You’ve probably seen this if you’re a regular watcher of MLB Network, but if you’re not, then you may not have seen it. Definitely worth a watch.


2009 Playoff Predictions (Yeah, I’m late)

I meant to do this the day the playoffs started, but I forgot. We’re three days in, but I’m doing them anyway. Yeah, I’m doing them based on the fact that all the series have two games played now. Sue me. :)
ALDS: Angels over Red Sox in 4, Yankees over Twins in 3
ALCS: Yankees over Angels in 6
NLDS: Phillies over Rockies in 4, Dodgers over Cardinals in 4
NLCS: Phillies over Dodgers in 7
World Series: Yankees over Phillies in 6
Obviously, my first choice would be for my Phillies to repeat. But failing that, I want the World Series to be Dodgers vs Yankees, so TORRE CAN BEAT STEINBRENNER!
Also, bases loaded with nobody out an nobody scores? Yeah, you got screwed on a foul ball call Twins, but come on. Bases loaded and you don’t score any? Yeah, you don’t deserve to win. I originally was going to call that series as Yankees sweep in 3, but then in the middle of Game 2, I thought the Twins could make it a series. But after that no run scoring fiasco, no. You need to go home Minnesota. Not that the Tigers would have done any better there anyway.