Fridge Magnet

Anyone have an extra 2012 Texas Rangers Fridge magnet from opening day? I couldn’t get one, and ebay is way too much. Tkx.

Rangers Nesting Dolls

Look at what I found when doing some spring cleaning tonight.  I had totally forgotten about this giveaway!

Yu Darvish

OK, I decided to go to the Texas Rangers game on Monday evening.  Wanted to see Yu Darvish.   I’ll be in Section 208.  Not the greatest seat, but it’s something.  :)

My thoughts on Game1 2012 25 Man Roster

Wanted to say a little about the opening day 25 man roster this opening day.  This the fourth opening day of the season.   I’m reminded of the day when it was just the Reds who played early.  Now the first game of the year isn’t even played in this country!  That issue aside…

I don’t think anyone was surprised by the moves that were made earlier today to bring the 25 man roster into focus.   I’m going to include some 2011 stats, and their salary for 2012.  First off, the ones that don’t open on the 25 man.

  • Yoshi Tateyama – He starts the season on the DL.  We hadn’t heard much about him being hurt until the last few days, when it was realized we needed a roster space.  I’m not saying his DL stint is a lie, but it did come up out of nowhere fast.   He hasn’t pitched awfully, but I wonder about his long term future – he doesn’t instill much confidence to this fan.
  • Julio Borbon – He starts the season in AAA, and will share time with Leonys Martin in CF.   I think everyone was HOPING that Borbon would finally figure it out this spring.  I said early on that if he doesn’t start the year with the team, he’s probably gone some time this season.  Maybe not right away, but I would expect him to be packaged in a deal with someone else at this point.   An injury can change that, but I think he’s passed the time to earn it on his own, unfortunately.
  • Cody Eppley – He’s been up here and there before, so he’s not a stranger to Arlington.  But was a name you didn’t hear much of in discussions this spring.  He was DFA’ed in the roster dance today.  Given all the traffic in releases and cuts this time of year, I bet you we get him through waivers, and outright him to AAA.  I was wrong.  I wrote that text on Wed the 4th, and then he was claimed by the Yankees before I posted this on the 6th.  :)

Those are the ones I felt like saying something about that didn’t make the roster.  Here’s some remarks about the 25 guys who DID make the roster…

These are in no order on my end, I just cheated and used the list the players were listed in the Rangers 25 man press release.  Needed SOME order, I went with that.  :) [Read more…]


And here we go. Today is opening day, or at least a real opening day of sorts – not the fake ones we’ve had so far.

I get in the car and turn on turn on XM radio and listen to the baseball talk channel, and the first thing you’re talking about is blown calls in the Miami game last night.

The hosts were ragging on Angel Hernandez and an obviously blown call with Bud Selig sitting there. I’m thinking to myself it’s day one, we haven’t played the bulk of the games yet for “game one” and they’re already ragging on the umpires.

This will be an interesting season – it just feels like an home. :-)

Autism Awareness

I would like to say I hope you don’t know anyone who has autism.  But you do know one.  Me.  I don’t personally have autism, but my two year old son does.   When your kid has autism, so do you.

When your kid can’t talk to anyone, can cause a scene, you have to explain to people what they are, it is stressful. Dealing with uninformed people’s opinions.  None of it is any fun.  My wife found a place where we can buy “Autism Cards”, where you can hand them out to people who are giving you weird looks, or make remarks if your kids are acting up in public.  Check ’em out.

[Read more…]

A slight delay

I will have a delay of a few days updating the site.   Yesterday I accidentally stabbed myself in the left hand with a steak knife, and caused a pretty deep wound.  As such, I have my hand in a bandage, and I’m not supposed to be doing much of anything with the hand for a little bit.  So long posts are out, since I have to type with one hand for the most part.  Will catch up when my hand is feeling better.

Dallas Stars

Was down at the Stars game tonight. Was a great game. Shot this of the winning goal in the shootout! :)


Yahoo Fantasy Baseball

My Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Leagues are up and running again.  League 2 is full already with people returning from last year, and League 1 has two open slots.  If you’re interested in joining, here’s the info you’ll need.

If there’s enough interest, I’ll open a third, but last year I had a hard time filling three, so if you’re intersted and the league is full, plezse let me know, otherwise I’ll have no idea there’s interest in a third.


Signup URL:
League #1 ID: 37209
Password: nomoreyuyoujokes
Live Online Draft: Sat Mar 24 @ 8PM CST

On another note, I will say what I always say. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU DO NOT INTEND ON PLAYING THE ENTIRE YEAR OUT! If there’s one thing I hate, it’s people who sign up and then never play. I just care about having people that don’t quit.

A request

I have a quick favor to ask. If you see this message, please leave me a comment. I want to test out some functionality of the new site and I need some other people besides myself to do it. Thank you.