G28: Indians beat Rangers 4-2

Rangers lost to the Indians on Sunday afternoon, handing Yu Darvish his first loss.  That was our second consecutive series loss.  Nothing to panic about at all – in fact, see my remark about Rangers fans panicking too early that appeared on TXA 21.  :)

Still, you’d rather see wins than losses.

Still, UGH.


G26: Rangers lose first to Indians, 6-3

Ugh.  Thanks blue.


G25: Rangers beaten easily by Jays, 11-5

Matt Harrison started this game and made everything nice that people have been saying about his pitching lately look like crap, as he stunk up the joint pretty good.   He didn’t get out of the fourth, and in that time, gave up EIGHT hits, coupled with two walks for EIGHT big earned runs.  Blew up his ERA to 5.40.   There wasn’t much good to say about this outing.  Also, as I’m writing about it almost a week later, I don’t remember it that well, either.  Not sure I want to look up the details behind an 8 earned run 3.1IP performance, either. [Read more…]


G24: Rangers lose on walkoff to Jays, 8-7

Well, shit.


G23: Darvish good again, Rangers win 4-1

Due to an odd tech quirk, I was able to see a couple of innings of this game, and from what I saw, Yu Darvish is getting better.   I saw just up to the point where he gave up the home run to Encarnacion.  Before that, I was ACTUALLY thinking no hitter.  That didn’t happen, but we did get a stellar performance from Yu Darvish.   He went seven innings, giving up just four hits, and walking two.  Struck out NINE, and of the four hits, three were singles, and one was the solo home run.  As the old saying goes, if you’re gonna give up home runs, make ‘em solo shots.  His curveball was popping, he got some of the Blue Jays to swing and miss like I’d swing and miss at a slider or some other pitch.   Darvish improved to 4-0, and has now won four of the five starts he’s made as a Ranger.  Although, I have to confess, I didn’t think he’d win that first game I was at.  Not after the first inning.  That inning seems like somewhat of a distant memory now, which is odd, given he’s only thrown a total of 33 innings as a major league pitcher.  How fickle our impressions can be, eh? [Read more…]


G22: Rangers lose finale to Rays, 5-2

Taking a mulligan on this game, ran out of time to update.

We did lose our first series of the season, though.  6 out 7 is a great record.


G21: Rangers bounce back, beat Rays 7-2

Taking a mulligan on this game, ran out of time to update.


G20: Rangers lose opener to Rays, 8-4

Let me start off this review by saying this.  I knew we were in trouble instantly when the first pitch of the game was hit for a single.  Which didn’t bother me too much.  Why?  Although I was at this game, I wasn’t there to watch the game.   The Monday previous to this game was my daughter’s 7th birthday.  As is a tradition I picked up from my own mother in the 70’s, I like to take her to a game around her birthday as her “Birthday Game” each year.   This was the game I chose to take her to due to the extended road trip over the last few weeks.  On top of that, there was a brand new play area for her to explore and run around in, so I figured I wouldn’t be in my seats long.   This recap will be more about the time with my daughter than the game as such.  :) [Read more…]


G19: Rangers take series against NYY with 7-3 win

In the rubber game of the Yankees series,  Scott Feldman took the hill against Phil Hughes.  Feldman was pushed into service due to the doubleheader a few days ago.  It’s the perfect use of the spot start.   One feels bad for Feldman sometimes.  On one hand, he pitched his way out of the rotation after his 17 game win season a few years ago.  But, with all the increased pitching we have lately, he’s the prime guy to have the short stick, and stuck in long relief.  Good enough for a major league team, but not good enough to crack the rotation.   Still, he was making a spot start here, and given his lack of being stretched out, it was unlikely that he was going to get a ton of innings, perhaps not even enough to qualify for the win. [Read more…]


G18: Darvish shuts down NYY with 2-0 gem

In spring training, Yu Darvish had some mediocre outings, and got better as March rolled along.  When he came out to start the season, he was positively atrocious to start the game, and within his first outing, he improved as the game went along.   That was just a smaller version of his season overall.   He’s gotten better with each outing since the first, and was absolutely stellar last night.  The amazing thing is that he’s 3-0 now.  Given how awful he was in the first game, and how much he treaded water in the others, you’d think he’d be 0-2, or 1-1 at best.  Not 3-0.  But he’s 3-0.  We’ll take that.  What I’ll really take is the way he pitched last night. [Read more…]


G17: Rangers lose to Yankees 7-4

As is my policy for the last several years or so, I don’t write about losses to the Yankees.

I will however, write about Pudge separately during this week some time.


G16: Rangers win in 11 innings, 3-2

Bit of a disputed call for the deciding run, but I’m super busy at the moment, I’m taking a mulligan on this game.


G15: Rangers streak ends, Tigers win 3-2

Well, OK, we know we weren’t going 160-2.  Bound to lose sometime.   But even the loss we had in this game was’t awful.  Sometimes there are losses where your team just doesn’t show up, and gets run over.  There’s times when you’re bludgeoned to death with too much offense.  There’s games where you have 4 or 5 errors and give it away.  This loss was like none of those scenarios (or half a dozen other I could name if I felt like it). [Read more…]


G14: Rangers take Game 1 of doubleheader, 10-4 Good Buddy

You know, that pun in the title was so awful, I considered not doing it, but it just screams to be used, so I had to.  :)

Game 1 of the day/night doubleheader started at noon, and I was in full daddy mode at that point.  My wife works Saturdays, so I forgot the game was on until it was in the third inning.  When I turned it on, the Rangers were already up 9-0!   Mildly disappointed when I saw I had missed an eight spot in the first inning.   I was a bit more annoyed when I found out that Adrian Beltre came out of the game with that big ugly word – hamstring.   That will be evaluated tomorrow, but one NEVER wants to hear that word associated with injury. [Read more…]


Friday’s game Rained out

Friday’s game in Detroit was rained out.  Was bummed about that, as it was the one game a week I get on regular TV.  My wife had made one of my favorite meals (a buffalo chicken dip), and I was gonna settle in and watch.  Watched the whole pre-game on Channel 21.  Then..  Rain.  Half an hour later (fortunately I had some buffer on TiVo, only took five minutes), it was called.

A bonus is I ended up playing with my kids in the living room before they went to bed, so it’s not all bad.  :)

Makeup is tomorrow, in the cheapskate doubleheader.  One at noon, one at 6PM.  Fortunately, the 6PM game is on Channel 21, so I’ll watch that.  Just won’t have my good buffalo chicken dip to go with it.  :(


G13: Rangers take first in Detroit with 10-3 win

The Rangers rejiggered their starting rotation to put Yu Darvish third, and Matt Harrison fourth.   It was explained as a way to keep Darvish on the same number of days rest.  I think it’s more to break up the two lefties in the rotation.  Still, no matter what the reason, Yu Darvish took the mound in game one of the Tigers series that started on Thursday night in Detroit.

He’s still walking too many people, but he pitched more like the guy we thought we’d be seeing.  His line was 6.1 innings pitched, two hits, one run allowed, five walks, and five strikeouts.  Not liking all the walks, but the two hits was a big improvement.   He had an excessive number of pitches for 6.1 innings as well (121).  A lot has been made that he’s thrown more pitches in a game a lot over in Japan, but I’m not buying it.  He’s throwing too many pitches.  Walks need to come down.   Still, he got the job done, and that was the bottom line.  I couldn’t see him pitch, this was a radio game for me, but it sounds like he was pitching much better than before.  He’s also 2-0, so this is good.   He’s definitely getting better with each start. [Read more…]


G12: Rangers Sweep Sox with 6-3 win

It’s only a two game series, but it’s a sweep just the same.

We took game two against Boston 6-3.   I didn’t get to see or hear hardly any of this – just a few peeks at the MLB At Bat app when the game was on.   Still, Derek Holland did quite well, going to 2-0 on the young season.  He pitched 7, allowed just four hits.  Three walks and 7K’s.   In fact, both of the runs he gave up were on a home run ball to Kevin Youkilis.

The Rangers offense was led by Josh Hamilton & Mike Napoli.  Napoli homered again, his fourth straight game with one.  Mike was 3-4, he also had a double.  He also raised his batting average from .207 to .273, an increase of 66 points!  He’s certainly figured it out the last few games. Mike had all the extra base hits this game, with a home run and a double.

Josh Hamilton also tore it up, going 3-4, raising his average to .440.

Joe Nathan came in with the Rangers up four runs, and gave up one.   Wish he’d get more solid.



G11: Rangers blow out the Red Sox with home run barrage, 18-3

I have to say, after the first inning of this game, I was concerned.  We were in Boston, and we went down 2-0 to the Red Sox in the first inning, when Colby Lewis looked rather pedestrian.   The bottom of the first started with single, home run, single.  Then Colby kept it together, even after allowing another double.  Those two runs in the first three batters were all he allowed on his ledger.   After the first, Colby scattered four hits from innings 2 through 7.  He never walked anyone, and struck out seven; throwing a total of 107 pitches in seven innings.  Right on target.  Despite the way the game started, it was a rather well pitched game for Colby.  The kind of thing that gets forgotten about when your offense has twenty one hits and eighteen runs! [Read more…]


G10: Rangers sweep Twins with 4-3 win

The Rangers pulled off something they’ve never done before.   Sweep a series against the Twins in Target Field.  We’d been pretty bad up there until this 2012 season.  They did it coming from behind as well.  Coming from behind with power.

The game started off with Neftali Feliz on the hill for the Rangers, and Liam Hendriks (who?) for the Twins.   Feliz was “ok”, going five innings, allowing three earned runs on five hits and two walks.  Not great of course, but not horrendous.  Left with 93 pitches after five, so that part wasn’t good.  Given he walked just two, that many pitches means a lack of control, but “effectively wild”.

Hendriks did much better, allowing just one run and NO walks over his six innings of work.  Allowed seven hits, but they thew out Adrian Beltre at home, and had a double play which helped out in that regard.

Still, the Rangers ended up with the win… [Read more…]


G9: Darvish better, but not great in 6-2 Rangers win

Yu Darvish takes the hill for his second start of the season, and his first on the road.  His first inning in this game was lightyears better than his first inning in his first game.    In his first game he threw 40+ pitches, faced 10 batters, and gave up four runs.  This game wasn’t anything like that.  His first inning he had a ground out, a fly out, a single, and a strike out.  That was it.   In fact, the first run he gave up wasn’t even his fault; it was unearned.

But, he was still a bit shaky.  Overall, his line was 5.2IP, 9H, 4BB, 2R, 1ER, and four strikeouts (102 pitches).  Not dominating by any stretch, but he was definitely dancing the tightrope. There were many times when it looked (yeah, I could see this one!) like he was going to fall off the wagon, and he didn’t.  One earned run in 5.2 innings isn’t that bad at all.  If this was a rookie (a real one, not one of these fake rookies that have years in Japanese ball) making his first starts, I’d probably be excited at the line.  But with the expectations (not to mention the paycheck), one expects more of Yu Darvish.  In the end, I expect he’ll be worth it, but right now, he’s still getting his feet wet, so to speak.   I would love for him to go out there, throw 8+ innings on 75-80 pitches, walk one, strike out 15 or so, and allow no runs on just two hits.  I think that’s the kind of line that will satiate some fans, nothing else would matter. [Read more…]


G8: Harrison’s groundball was working; Rangers win 4-1

The Rangers hit the road for the first time in 2012, taking the show to the other parks.  Matt Harrison takes the hill in Target Field, a place that’s been pretty bad for the Rangers – we’ve only one once before tonight in the two seasons the place has been open to this point.   Matt went out there and did darned well, kept the streak of good starting pitching going.

Matt went eight innings, and quite easily, too.  Allowed seven hits and two walks, but he had his groundball working, which served him well.  Had a couple of double plays, and overall just had a bunch of groundballs.  He looked great.   Left the game with 111 pitches thrown, and at the time, there was discussion on TV about letting him come back out for the ninth.  He didn’t, but I would have liked to have seen him go for the complete game, to be honest. [Read more…]


G7: Rangers win on Thursday, 5-3 over Seattle

Holland goes 7.1, allowing just two runs, getting the win.

Michael Young gets a home run.

Ian Kinsler & Michael Young both get three hits.

Two doubles, by Torrealba & Kinsler.

Kinsler also stole his first base of the season.  As did Adrian Beltre.

Rangers are 5-2 and in first place.  Nice way to finish up the last game of the first homestand.


G6: Nathan blows another; Rangers lose 4-3

For awhile, I thought we were going to get two straight games that were 1-0 wins.  This game started out that way after the first run was plated in inning one by a Hamilton double and a Michael Young single.   It stayed that way for quite some time.   Colby Lewis was dealing – went 6.2 innings of shutout ball.  The Rangers were up 1-0 the entire time he was on the hill.  It wasn’t until the bottom of the seventh when some more runs scored.

The Mariners had pulled their starter (more on him later), and was replaced by Steve Delabar.  Who appeared to get the job done, and then hung one to Ian Kinsler who whalloped it over the left field wall to put us up 2-0.   What’s more surprising about this was the next at bat.  Was Elvis Andrus, who was battling until he too hit a home run to left center.  A home run for Elvis is not exactly a common occurrence.   This put us up 3-0 after seven.  Feeling good. [Read more…]


G5: Feliz comes through as starter; we win 1-0

1-0 wins don’t happen very often at Rangers Ballpark.  There was some dialogue during the game about how infrequent it was.  I know the 2012 edition of the Rangers is supposed to be all about the pitching, but even with that, one doesn’t expect 1-0 games at Rangers ballpark.  That just doesn’t happen.  But it did.  The starter that I had the least confidence in going into this season took the hill; Neftali Feliz.   After what could kindly be called a rocky spring training for him, he went out there and pitched like I hoped he would, but didn’t actually expect would happen. [Read more…]


G4: Rangers survive Darvish nightmare inning, win 11-5

I was at this game, it was the first of the season for me.  I’ll be honest, I went because Yu Darvish was pitching.  I was sitting in Section 208 out over the left field wall, so I couldn’t get a good closeup view of what Darvish was throwing – but I WAS there.  That was the point.  I’m figuring somewhere down the line, Darvish will end up being a stud, and I wanted to say I was there for his first game.  And not be lying about it, unlike the half a million people who will say they were there and weren’t.   I got there early, as I was set to retake my photos for my seat selector feature here on my site.   That took me from just when gates opened at 5PM until about 6:40PM when I finally finished.   During that time, I got a handle on what Darvish mania was like.

[Read more…]