G105: Rangers take first in KC, 5-3

I’ve been going to baseball games for awhile now.  First one was somewhere in the early 70’s, around 73 or so, I think.   The height for me was when I had a half game season ticket plan with the Phillies back in the late 80’s (for a rather awful team as I remember).  It’s been a lot of games watched by this pair of eyeballs.  However, I say the best one I’ve ever attended was CLEARLY the Oct 30, 2010 game I attended.  That was the Rangers / Giants World Series game at home, where the Rangers won 4-2.   I point that out, because there was something in this game that instantly launched me back to that World Series game.  I’ll point that out when we get to it.

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G104: Rangers bomb Angels, 15-9

When you give up nine runs in a game, it doesn’t quite make for what would call a “comfortable” lead.   I mean, heck, the game was tied 8-8 after the sixth inning.  We didn’t start to run away with it until later.   This was the Texas debut of two new players, Ryan Dempster & Geovany Soto.  Both recently acquired in separate deals with the Chicago Cubs.   It didn’t go too well for Dempster at all.   Soto did a little better, but before we get to that, we get to the curious case of Roy Oswalt.

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G103: Rangers win wild walkoff, 11-10 over Angels

The Rangers series against the Angels certainly wouldn’t have finished the season.  Heck, the Angels are technically in third place – most everyone seems to be forgetting about the A’s hanging in there.  However, the Angels are still our primary rival in the division, and you never want to be swept by your rival in intra-divisional play.   So, when we went down 6-0 in the top of the THIRD inning of this game, I had tuned out.  Was a game I was watching on my iPhone while my the Olympics were on.  Yeah, OK we scored a run in the bottom of the third, but 6-1 after three was not the kind of game I wanted to watch, so I checked out. [Read more…]

G102: Rangers lose to Angels again, 6-2

The last game in the month of July started off pretty good.  Scoreless tie going into the fourth.   Derek Holland gives up a solo home run to Albert Pujols.  OK, no big shame in that.  It’s still 1-0 going into the sixth.   Then Mike Trout gets a two run home run.  Pujols gets another solo in the same inning.  We’re down 4-0 in a game where Weaver was dealing.  The “1” in his 14-1 record is us.  However, we didn’t make it two. [Read more…]

G101: Rangers look bad in 15-8 drubbing

I’m not going to say a lot about this game.  It was bad.  Granted, we did score 8, which was a lot more than we’ve been scoring lately.   We actually were up 2-1 at one point.  But that was a small sliver of good in this steaming pile of {censored}.  :) [Read more…]

G100: Feldman (?!?!) dominates in 2-0 win

I was busy watching the Olympics with my daughter on Sunday night.  That, coupled with the fact that Scott Feldman was starting was a reason for me not to pay attention to the Rangers game.   Oh, I planned on looking in on it, but I got into the Olympics coverage, and didn’t peek in on the AtBat app until around the 7th inning or so.  Man, I should have paid closer attention to this.

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G99: Rangers lose to ChiSox, 5-2

I’d like to blame this on the Rangers starter, Matt Harrison, but I can’t.  Not really.  Oh sure, he gave up five runs over seven innings, so it’s nothing to write home about.  But I blame this one on our suddenly flaccid offense.   The Rangers offense has scored the fewest runs of any major league team in the month of July.  Think about that.  OUR OFFENSE.  Worst of all the mlb teams this month.  That’s quite a statement.

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G98: Rangers end up losing big, 9-5

You always love games where the Rangers score four runs in the bottom of the first.  It kind of sets the tone generally for the game.  After the first frame, we were up 4-1.   However, it didn’t stay that way.  After two, we were up just 4-3.  Then after four, we were down 5-4.  After 7, 6-5, and after 9, the final score of 9-5.  Sigh.  So much for rushing out to an early lead.  It didn’t hold up at all this game.

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G97: Rangers beat Beckett & BOS, 5-3

I didn’t get to see or hear any of this game.  I was out at my Church’s secondary worship facility, where..  There’s a pool.  So I was poolside with church friends, enjoying that fellowship.  I snuck a few peeks at the MLB At Bat app during the evening, but nothing that would constitute “watching” it.   A lot of games these days are that way for me.   Alas, no Fox Sports Southwest still.  Sigh. [Read more…]

G96: Rangers lose tight one to Sox, 2-1

This game was frustrating for several reasons. Most obviously is that we lost the game 2 to 1. It was one where probably should’ve one but we didn’t. One of the other frustrating things that Ian Kinsler got ejected. I didn’t happen to hear that part of the game I was busy doing something else is the time when I tuned him he was already out. Thirdly was Adrian Beltre getting hit with a pitch late in the game and having to come out. Not good.
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