G113: Yu finally gets #12, 8-3 over Tigers

Taking a pass on this one, as I’m a bit too backed up for time today, and don’t have the time for a proper recap.   Darvish finally got his 12th win of the season after something like 3-4 tries.    Josh Hamilton had another home run, a two run shot.   Hopefully he can light up for the end of the season.

G112: Rangers walkoff against Tigers, 2-1

I haven’t gone to a ton of games this year, but before the season started, I had marked this one, because it was the 40th Anniversary pre-game ceremony, and the annual Rangers HOF induction.  This year it was Eric Nadel.   I have gone to almost all of these, starting with the first one (there was NO WAY I was missing the single return of Johnny Oates in that one).   It was also the “powder blue” uniform throwback as well.   Ended up going with an old friend of mine, who was a big Tigers fan.  So we ended up talking the whole time, it was a fun time.  I actually had invited another friend, but he never showed, not sure what happened with that.  Oh well..

Two big shoutouts for this game.  One for my friend Jeremy, who hooked me up with decent tickets, and my wife.  My wife took off work a couple of hours early, so I could be assured of getting there on time.   Thanks to both of you.    While I would have gone to the game without both of you, it wouldn’t have been as pleasurable, so thank you.

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G111: Rangers lose opener to Tigers, 6-2

Scott Feldman took the hill in this game, and through most of his outing, he was the recent vintage 2012 Scott Feldman.  He got into the sixth, and while he wasn’t quite the earlier 2012 vintage Scott Feldman, some of the shine came off a little.   Scott held the Tigers to just one one through five innings.  Got into the sixth, though, and the wheels fell off in this game.   The Tigers plated a run in the fourth.   Heck, through the first three innings, Scott faced the minimum, thanks to a double play in the third wiping out a walk.

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G110: Rangers slug out Red Sox, win 10-9

This is a game with not a lot of pitching, so I’m just gonna hit some of the notable highlights, as opposed to have actual commentary:

  • Andrus was 3-4 with 3 runs scored
  • Hamilton was 3-5 with 2 runs scored, and 4 RBI
  • Beltre was 0-3, but still had 2 RBI
  • Two of Hamilton’s three hits were a triple and a home run
  • Hamilton’s home run was his 30th of the season
  • We had home runs from Mitch Moreland (solo), Josh Hamilton (2 run), Geovany Soto (2 run), & Nelson Cruz (solo)
  • Ian Kinsler had a stolen base
  • Joe Nathan got his 23rd save
  • Josh Beckett gave up eight earned runs in 5 innings
  • Roy Oswalt agreed to pitch out of the bullpen – shocker!

We come home to face the Tigers, the team we beat to get back to the World Series again.   The Rangers record is 65-45, the best record in the AL at the moment.  The Tigers are five games back of that pace.  I’m going to the game Saturday night, it’s the big 40th anniversary game.  Ought to be fun!

G109: Dempster much better, wins 6-3

After the first start by Dempster, I was hoping it was a case of “new team” jitters.  Turns out that might have been the case, because Ryan was much better in his second start than he was in his first start.   MUCH better.  In fact, Dempster (and Jon Lester) were having  pitcher’s duel, with no runs allowed until the sixth inning.  The official mlb recap’s headline was “Dempster dives into win column in Rangers uni”.   Dumpster diving pun aside, it was a beautiful outing.  Ryan came here with the likelihood of being a rental between now and the end of the season, but if there’s more of this kind of outing, I’ll want to keep him around.   Heck, he picked off Carl Crawford at second.  :)

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G108: Darvish not good again, lose 9-2

Another one where I don’t have much to say.  Yu Darvish didn’t pitch well again.  While everyone says he’s fine, he looks “tired” to me.  The MLB grind could be getting to him, and this is a time we need him to rebound not start sinking in his performances.

The only real good stuff in this game was a solo home run late by Adrian Beltre.  It didn’t make a huge difference, as it made the score 9-2 from the previous 9-1.  Nelson Cruz went 3-4.  That’s about it.  Not much else to write home about on this one.

G107: Rangers lose in 10 to KC, 7-6

Well, crap.  This one ended on a Mike Olt error.  Yeah, he’s a rookie, he’s gonna do that.  But you hate when it comes in a place where the game is over and you lose because of it.

G106: Feldman strong again, Rangers win 4-2

Scott Feldman had another strong outing, and has pretty much erased the ill will I was harboring towards him after his horrendous stretch earlier in the year.  As bad as he was then, he seems as good now.   Just look at his line from this game.  7.2IP, 6H, 1BB, 4K, 2ER, 105P.  Really well pitched game by Scott.  I didn’t get to watch it, but I did listen a bit, and “iPhoned” it the rest of the game.   This is definitely the time for him to get hot and regain his 2009 performance again.  We certainly could use it with the uncertainty in the rotation right now (Lewis out, Darvish shaky for starters).   I said it in a recent update, but if Feldman rides out the year pitching like this, we most certainly could now pick up his option for 2013, something I thought would be unheard of a few months back.

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