G137: Rangers in in 10 over Royals, 5-4

I normally dislike extra innings games, as I’ve said before, because most of the time it feels like we lose them in the 10th inning.   There’s a feeling that it’s more “sudden death”, and if we get behind, it’s over.  So I like it a lot when we win in extra innings – it feels more “earned” or something.  :) [Read more…]


G136: Dempster wins 10th, 7-6 over KC

Taking a pass on this one.  Please check the mlb recap.


G135: Harrison loses again, 6-3 to Royals

Ugh.  That’s two not good outings in a row for Matt Harrison.  Not liking that.

Elvis Andrus had a home run.  I liked that.   That was about it, though.