G134: Darvish wins again, 8-4 over Royals

The Rangers go into Kansas City, a mild “house of horrors” in recent years, and seemingly weren’t bothered by that.   They were up 6-0 going into the bottom of the 6th before they surrendered any runs at all.   Yu Darvish got another win.   It was a good win for the Rangers.  Any win is a good win, of course, but this one in particular I liked because it happened in Kansas City.

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G133: Profar debuts, Rangers win

This game can be summed up with a few bullet points, but I’ll go into detail below on some of this..

  • Jurickson Profar made his major league debut
  • Rangers homered four times
  • Jurickson Profar homered in his first major league at bat

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G132: Feldman does it again, we lose 4-3

Feldman does it again.  I got so annoyed by this, I’m only writing this small bit.  Feldman gave up four runs in the bottom of the first.  We never came back from it.

David Murphy and Adrian Beltre did have home runs in this game, but bah – Feldman sucked.

G131: Rangers beat Indians, 5-3

Led by Adrian Beltre, the Rangers got out to an early lead, and kept it the whole game, although they tried to give it back late.   Beltre was 4-5 in this game with two doubles and scored two runs.  Only one RBI, though.   But when you have a full 1/3 of your team’s hits for the game, then yeah – you qualify as having led the team.  :)

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G130: Rays crush Rangers, 8-4

Well, OK, maybe not crush.  That word implies a score like 17-3 or something like that.   The Rangers only lost by four runs, but it felt bad pretty quickly.   After the top of the second, we were down 6-0 in an outing that Matt Harrison would like to forget.  At this point, he’s got an EXTREMELY slim chance at still getting to 20 wins.  He’d have to sweep the month of September to do that.  We’ll see, but I doubt it now. [Read more…]

G129: Yu dominates Rays; Rangers win 1-0


This is the kind of outing I envisioned happening every other start when we signed Darvish.   Well, OK – maybe not THAT many, but I figured we’d see this kind of performance more than we have.  Not that I won’t take it.  It was a great, dominant start.   For the 8th time this season, Yu Darvish struck out at least 10 batters.  That was something that eluded ALL Rangers pitchers for the better part of of a decade, it felt like. Mark Clark certainly never did that (I haven’t mentioned him in awhile, I was overdue for a Mark Clark shoutout).

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G128: Beltre leads Rangers to 6-5 win over TB

Adrian Beltre was the big deal in this game.  He went 3-3 with a walk, a run scored, and four RBI.  Two of his three hits were a double and a home run.

The Rangers had a second home run this game, it was by Nelson Cruz, his second home run in as many games.  This time though, he did go back to back, which as I said about yesterdays game is always a nice thing to see.  :)

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G127: Feldman blah again, Rangers lose 6-5

OK, Scott Feldman started the season really REALLY awful, and I was openly mocking him.  Then in mid season, he bounced back, and for like a month or so, and looked like the 17-9 version from a few years ago.  Last few starts though, he’s bounced back.  Not quite to the awful version, but somewhere in the middle, closer to bad than great.   At one point, I actually said on this site we should consider keeping him if he was going to stay the 17-9 version.  However, that’s not the case, and I revert to my opinion that he won’t be here next year – although not as hostile an opinion as before.  :) [Read more…]