About Me and this season

I’ve discovered as we head into the last game of the season today that my lack of ability to watch the Rangers games on TV has seriously impacted my desire to maintain this site with regular daily updates.   I’ve gone three times this season where I haven’t updated for 2+ weeks, and when I do, I have to do like 20 games at once.

I still follow the team, but a lot of times it’s just on my iPhone app or something.   As I’ve said before, the time the games are on in the evening is prime family time, and given you can’t timeshift radio, I either have to forego family time to listen, or just not listen to the game.   It doesn’t make me want to do an update too much when I can’t listen or watch the games at all.

If this situation continues into next season, I might have to have a rethink about the site, and how I run it.   As I sit here today on Oct 3rd before Game 162 is played, I can say there’s about 50 games this season I haven’t written about.  Not sure I WANT to go back and write about them, to be honest.

I’ll probably do the playoffs properly, and then have a think about catching up the games I didn’t do in the season.  Although I suspect I probably won’t want to go back and do that.  We’ll see.

Anyone really care?  :)


  1. shudonz says

    Loved the site for years. If you do not update for the games perhaps turning into more a fan site without daily updates. I for one LOVE the seat selector and the history of the players.

  2. says

    After what happened this season, you probably need some time off from baseball. I know I do. I’ve followed your site for years and I look forward to your detailed insight into each game. You should do what’s right for you. I live in Alaska and none of the games are on TV, so I pay for mlb.tv every year so I can watch them on my PC. I lived in Irving, Texas for 7 years and saw quite a few games there right before they built the new stadium, then I moved back to Alaska.

    I really love all the work and dedication you put into covering these games. I look forward to your comments after each game. I will really miss it if you stop but it’s understandable if it’s time for you to move on to other things.