G133: Profar debuts, Rangers win

This game can be summed up with a few bullet points, but I’ll go into detail below on some of this..

  • Jurickson Profar made his major league debut
  • Rangers homered four times
  • Jurickson Profar homered in his first major league at bat

I realize the third one is a partial combination of the first and second ones, but man – it was really cool.   If you click on the mlb.com recap link above, you can see video of the Profar home run.   He was the first Texas Ranger to do that in his first major league at bat.  I seem to recall that someone did it when this franchise was the Washington Senators, but he was the first to wear a Ranger uniform to do it.   Very much liked that.    While Profar’s appearance I think will not impact anyone this season, if he comes to camp in 2013 and rocks it at camp, it could impact someone (Elvis or Kinsler).   My gut feeling is that we go into 2013 with Elvis & Kinsler intact, but one of them will be traded in July 2013, and Profar comes up to stay.   Anyway, Profar also had a double, going 2-4 in this game.  He had one RBI and one run scored (both his home run).  But that doesn’t matter.  Even if he went 1-5 with four strikeouts, the first at bat home run would have easily wiped out the Golden Sombrero for sure.

Josh Hamilton, Adrian Beltre, & David Murphy all also had home runs – all solo shots.   So there was some definite power going on here (4HR, 3 2B).  The Rangers also had 10 singles to go with that.   Derek Holland got his 10th win of the season.  But..

It doesn’t matter.  This was Profar’s game.