G127: Feldman blah again, Rangers lose 6-5

OK, Scott Feldman started the season really REALLY awful, and I was openly mocking him.  Then in mid season, he bounced back, and for like a month or so, and looked like the 17-9 version from a few years ago.  Last few starts though, he’s bounced back.  Not quite to the awful version, but somewhere in the middle, closer to bad than great.   At one point, I actually said on this site we should consider keeping him if he was going to stay the 17-9 version.  However, that’s not the case, and I revert to my opinion that he won’t be here next year – although not as hostile an opinion as before.  :)

Feldman went 5.2 innings.  10 hits, 6 runs (5 earned), and one walk.  Struck out four.  Pitch count of 104.   Way too many hits, two of which were a double and a triple.    Kirkman, Adams, & Uehara pitched scoreless relief, but it didn’t matter at that point.   The Rangers couldn’t bounce back from the Feldman hole.

Offensively, we had a couple of home runs.  One by Hamilton (2 run), and one by Cruz (solo).  They weren’t quite back to back, which is always a fun thing to watch – but we’ll always take a couple of home runs in the same inning.  It was the sixth, so someone won some cash from Sonic.  Wasn’t me, though.

The offense was bunched up at the top of the lineup.  Of the six hits we had overall, one was by Kinsler, two by Moreland (2nd), two by Hamilton (3rd), and one by Cruz (5th).  Nobody from lineup positions 6-9 (plus 4) had any hits.   Usually don’t see the offense that clustered.

Speaking of odd, Adrian Beltre was charged with an error this game on a missed catch.   Don’t see that too often.