G126: Rangers bomb Twins AGAIN, 9-3

I’m not going to write a ton about this one.  Mostly because I’ve been writing now for over an hour, and I’m starting to burn out on writing about baseball tonight.  But I will say this:

Up 2-0 after one.  Up 5-0 after two.  Up 9-0 after three.  The game was over.

The home run by Mitch Moreland in the second inning was a monster shot.   Justin Morneau had one that looked longer to my eyes, but the “distance report” had it shorter.

But seriously, Dempster looked good again.  Rangers bombed the Twins.  That’s pretty much it, folks!  :)

Sunday we go for the four game sweep.  Given the way the first three have gone, I expect the Twins will want out of town in a hurry.  The combined scores of the first three games give the Rangers a 27-9 run differential.  :)