G95: Feldman surprises; BoSox bombed 9-1

I’ve decided that I’m going to start redoing current game updates. Still dictating from my iPad, but I will stay current and then fill in the missing months as I go along.

After his last attempt at starting had failed miserably this year I don’t think any Rangers fan wanted to see Scott Feldman as a starting pitcher in a Rangers game. Yet, that’s where we found ourselves on Monday. We’ve had some problems with the starting rotation recently. The most recent one was Colby Lewis being out for the year. And that’s pretty much why Scott Feldman was starting this game.

Surprisingly, Scott didn’t stink up the joint like he has been recently. He actually was quite good. I’m not ready to anoint him healed or fine or anything along those lines. He’s been really awful this season and while this game was good and it will help, I don’t know if he’s a long-term answer anymore. Scott ended up getting his fourth win (against six losses) in the game with what only can be described as a very well pitched game. Scott pitched seven innings total. He allowed seven hits but zero runs. Struck out five and gave up a solo homerun for the only run allowed out all night. That homerun was by the former Ranger Jarod Saltamacchia. Total of 105 pictures well, so it was fairly efficient too! I’ll give credit where credit is due, and this was a very well pitched game by Scott Feldman. It’s just a shame as I really really wanted to like him going forward and after his atrocious performances earlier this year don’t think I can trust him anymore. Still, when is a win and a well pitched one is a bonus!

Rangers had 11 hits and bunched their scoring in two innings. There was a four spot in the third and a five spot in the sixth. The other innings were zeroes. The big offensive moment was from mike Napoli, a two run home run in the sixth. There were four doubles, and the rest were singles. Ian Kinsler went three for four with a walk and Craig gentry went two for four. Everyone else had a single head and Nelson Cruz was 0 for 2 but he did walk twice and score.

Overall, pretty well pitched game ( Robbie Ross and Tanner Scheppers both had scoreless innings) and a pretty balanced offense – you’ve got to love that.