G102: Rangers lose to Angels again, 6-2

The last game in the month of July started off pretty good.  Scoreless tie going into the fourth.   Derek Holland gives up a solo home run to Albert Pujols.  OK, no big shame in that.  It’s still 1-0 going into the sixth.   Then Mike Trout gets a two run home run.  Pujols gets another solo in the same inning.  We’re down 4-0 in a game where Weaver was dealing.  The “1” in his 14-1 record is us.  However, we didn’t make it two.Weaver took a no hit bid into the fifth when Michael Young broke it up with a single.   In the seventh, Josh Hamilton singled (for the second overall hit).  Michael Young immediately followed with another.   Murphy doubled, scoring the two of them for the total output of our offense.   We had five hits overall, and three of them came right in a row in the seventh.   The only other hit was a single in the sixth.  That was IT.

While the Rangers offense has been pretty bad in July, I attribute this game more to Weaver dealing, then our inability to hit the ball.

The home runs by the Angels – and the pitching by Weaver.  That’s pretty much this game in a nutshell.

I’m getting tired, I’ll write about trades tomorrow.  :)