G100: Feldman (?!?!) dominates in 2-0 win

I was busy watching the Olympics with my daughter on Sunday night.  That, coupled with the fact that Scott Feldman was starting was a reason for me not to pay attention to the Rangers game.   Oh, I planned on looking in on it, but I got into the Olympics coverage, and didn’t peek in on the AtBat app until around the 7th inning or so.  Man, I should have paid closer attention to this.

At first, I assumed Feldman was replaced by someone else.  But no.  It was Scott Feldman circa 2009.   He was lights out.  I know I gave him a rash of crap the last few months about how poor he’s pitched this year.  But I have to tip the cap.  This was spectacular.   Eight innings pitched, only 88 pitches.  7 hits allowed, no walks, five punchouts, and NO RUNS.   He just dominated.  Since I wasn’t listening, and only watched the simulcast thing on the AtBat app, I didn’t hear any of the commentary on why he came out.   I’m not ready to anoint him “back” yet.  But he has looked good the last couple of outings.

Joe Nathan came in, shut out the Sox for his 21st save, and to salvage the last game of the series.

Now, offensively, we still didn’t get the job done.  Just two runs.   Eight hits total, five of them came from Murphy & Cruz alone.  We are still woefully inept at offense lately.  But, Scott Feldman covered that.   The offense is starting to concern me just a little.  I know they say pitching wins games, but you can’t win anything if your offense doesn’t score.

Josh Hamilton’s average is now down to .282.  He’s looking pretty anemic at the plate lately.   He’s been getting booed at home.  Not that I’d boo him, but really, he’s not doing anything to help the matter the way he’s playing.