G76: Rangers win slugfest, 13-9

Ah yes, another one of those lovely well pitched games where the box score shows you have 22 runs and 34 hits. That means there will be not much good to write about pitching wise. But I might try and find something anyway.

Best I can come with pitching wise is that Robbie Ross pitched one shut out inning. Mike Adams pitched one third of a shutout inning, and Joe Nathan pitched a shutout inning. Roy Oswalt and Martín Perez however – not so good. Martin Perez only pitched two thirds of an inning, giving up three hits, one walk, and four earned runs. His ERA is 54.00 after this outing! Oswalt pitched longer but didn’t have such great numbers. Six innings pitched – gave up 13 hits and two walks and five earned runs. Ugh. Wow we got the win, those lines by Oswalt and Perez are pretty much the story of the game.

Offensively however, it was a much more pleasant look at the stat sheet. However, even with 16 hits we had two guys that didn’t get any. Nelson Cruz and Josh Hamilton. In fact Josh Hamilton got the golden sombrero for striking out four times -something that’s becoming exceedingly common lately. I suspect the big name there would be David Murphy. David had two homeruns in this game. One was a three run home run – the other one was a solo shot. Ian Kinsler also had a home run, not to mention a triple by Leonys Martin and doubles by Martin, Kinsler, and Beltre. Plenty of offense to go around in this game. Beltre had three hits, Murphy had four. Murphy also drove in five so yeah I guess he would be the big star in this game.