G64: Feldman again? Rangers lose 11-3

Granted, all 11 runs weren’t Feldman’s fault (and not even all the runs he gave up were his own fault – two unearned), but..  Why are we still running him out there?  Robbie Ross, Rangers Captain, Nolan Ryan, Charlie Hough, hell – the ghost of Walter Johnson!  Please!  No more Scott Feldman as a starter.  Thank you.

This will be a short recap, because there’s not a lot to tell in detail.   Rangers pitching stunk this game, lead by Scott Feldman who gave up six runs (four earned) on eight hits in five innings.  He did strike out six, though, but it doesn’t matter.  Too many runs.   Tanner Scheppers wasn’t much better.  Just one inning, but four hits and three runs.  Yoshi Tateyama got in on the fun, and allowed two runs in his inning.  Kirkman & Lowe were in the middle there with shutout innings, but it didn’t matter.   All three Rangers pitchers who allowed runs allowed a home run.  Each of them was a multi-run home run as well.  So seven of the eleven runs (7-11 – har har har) were directly attributable to the home run ball.

Speaking of offense, the Rangrers didn’t have much, either.  We only had five hits (two doubles, two singles, one home run).  In fact, the Rangers home run accounted for two of the three runs, so this was a “big bang” offense on both sides, but the D’Backs had more “bangs” than we did.

Can we see the last of Feldman as a starter now?  PLEASE?