G63: Rangers eek out a narrow 1-0 victory over D’Backs

As much fun as it was last night watching Colby Lewis hold the D’Backs to a single run, it was so much better on this game watching Matt Harrison hold them to zero!  Matt just rocked the house this game.  He didn’t go nine like Lewis did, but man, when he was out there, nobody was doing much of anything.  Check out these numbers:

Matt Harrison went 7.1 innings on 95 pitches (still under average there), allowed six hits (five singles, one double), walked two, punched out three.  But most importantly, NO RUNS.  I didn’t get to listen to this one, so I’m not entirely sure why he came out when he did, but the guys who followed him were even better.  Mike Adams threw 2/3 of an inning of perfect ball.  Joe Nathan pitched a perfect inning (striking out 2 of 3) to get his 13th save.  The pitching this game was most stellar.  I thought Lewis was good the night before, but man.  Shutout of the other team, scattering six hits and two walks.  There’s not a lot to say, as I’d just be repeating some adjective to say how good the pitching was.  It just was ON.

The Diamandbacks pitching was pretty good, too.  The Rangers had only three singles (Hamilton, Snyder, & Gentry) and one walk (Gentry again).   Wade Miley was definitely a hard luck loser here, no doubt.  The dude went 7.2, allowed just three hits and one run.  Struck out eight.  He definitely pitched more than well enough to earn this win.  He didn’t get it.

That’s because the Rangers played some small ball in the bottom of the 8th.  Walk, sac bunt, single scored the only run of the game.  That was it for all the offense for the whole game!

1-0 wins are always a thing to savor (when you’re doing the winning).   As much as I like 15-3 blowouts (and I have to confess, I love them), there’s always a great admiration for the 1-0 win, because it means a lot of stuff went right your way.  Bring ’em on!