G55: Rangers ugly again, lose to A’s, 12-1

A’s starter Jarrod Parker almost no hit the Rangers, going quite a long time before giving up a hit in the top of the 8th.  Thing is, I didn’t see or hear it, because of the abomination of a pitching performance turned in by Scott Feldman.   I liked Feldman a lot a few years ago.  He should not be pitching anymore.  Especially not starting.

I actually turned the game off after the second, didn’t want to hear any more.  After the game, I did this.  Never thought I’d do this to my own player, but man, he has been atrocious.  Thing is, what do we do until Oswalt is ready?  Do we throw him out there to get torched again?  Can’t send Oswalt out too quickly, either.

Perhaps they can pitch Craig Gentry again?  Couldn’t be any worse, really.