G50: Rangers lose big on bad inning, 10-3

This game was fairly close for awhile, despite the final score.  The Rangers were technically winning early, up 1-0 in the first inning (on double, wild pitch, and a groundout).  Didn’t last long, though, as Scott Feldman cemented his departure from the Rangers, in my opinion with another bad outing.

Scotty F went just 4.2 innings, and while he only allowed 4 hits, he also walked three, and allowed a two run home run.  88 pitches isn’t outrageous, but was on the high side.  I don’t think anyone has much confidence in him at the moment, which is a shame, as I really REALLY liked him a couple of years ago.  No way is the team picking up his $9.25 million option for next year.

One big fact about the 10 runs the Rangers gave up this game.  Four of them were unearned (two against Feldman, two against Mike Adams).  The Rangers defense is getting awfully sloppy lately.

The height of it of course was the six run inning that the Mariners got in the top of the eighth, which pretty much crushed any possibility of a comeback.  At that point I still felt like we could get in it.  Not after that mess.

The only real bright spot is that Josh Hamilton had his 21st home run of the season in the sixth off of Vargas.   That accounted for the other two runs we got besides the first inning one.

Bring on Roy Oswalt!