G42: Colby Lewis bounces back, gets 6-1 win

This game can pretty much be summed up with two things.

1) Colby Lewis pitched like the guy who’s pitched in the playoffs the last few years.

2) Big crooked number early on.

Colby Lewis had more runs batted in than runs allowed in the game!

The Rangers got out early to a 5-0 lead, and that was 5/6 of their offense right there.  Single, single, sac fly, fly out, double, ibb, single, hit by pitch, single, and ground out.  The fun in all of that is the Rangers batted around, and Colby Lewis hit a single and and TWO RBI’s.   That as pretty much the game, right there.

We did tack on another run on a solo home run by David Murphy – this time one that went over the fence.

Lewis was great.  8+ innings.  He allowed just one run – and that one came on the last batter he faced.  That was Lowrie, who led off the 9th with a solo home run, and Colby got pulled.  But he had a great outing. Eight innings, four hits, one run, six strikeouts.  This was definitely “good” Colby Lewis, versus the home run happy incarnation.

That’s pretty much it for me for this game.  Wish we’d get more starting outings like that.  :)