G25: Rangers beaten easily by Jays, 11-5

Matt Harrison started this game and made everything nice that people have been saying about his pitching lately look like crap, as he stunk up the joint pretty good.   He didn’t get out of the fourth, and in that time, gave up EIGHT hits, coupled with two walks for EIGHT big earned runs.  Blew up his ERA to 5.40.   There wasn’t much good to say about this outing.  Also, as I’m writing about it almost a week later, I don’t remember it that well, either.  Not sure I want to look up the details behind an 8 earned run 3.1IP performance, either.

Scott Feldman wasn’t that great either, but not nearly that bad.  2.2 IP, 3ER.  Both Feldman & Harrison gave up home runs.  All three of Feldman’s runs were on a 3 run home run.  Mark Lowe & Koji Uehara nailed it down by not giving up anything in their one inning of work each.  But basically, the game was out of hand early, with the Rangers being down 8-1 after four innings.

We did make some noise in the top of the fifth, though getting four runs back, and giving the illusion that we might be getting back into it.  But after pulling as close to 8-5, the game ended up in the 6th with its final score of 11-5.   The Rangers got the bases loaded via walks.  Then a double, a single, and a sac fly drove in the runs.

That was it for the excitement here.  Thank you, drive through.

No wait – it was our first series loss of the year.  NOW you can drive through.