ST32: Rangers wallop Mexico team 13-4 after day of tornadoes

I was originally planning on going to this game.  I was going to go early, and retake the photos for my seat selector feature here on this site.  The pictures are due to be retaken, especially due to all the changes in the park the last two years.  Then this happened:

If you were in this area, then you knew about the tornado “event” we had.  A dozen or so tornadoes hit this area.  Two of them within 10 miles of my house.  Needless to say, I was busy dealing with my family’s safety, and while I know the game did go on, I was’t in the mood to go out there.  My daughter was shaken, as her elementary school was in lockdown.  My wife was in the bathtub with our two year old.  Things calmed down enough where could practically go if I wanted to, but I wouldn’t be much of a father or husband if I left a shaken family to go watch a baseball game.   Did get to watch it on TV, though.  Or at least most of it.

Was nice seeing the new parts in live action.  I am curious to see what the batter’s eye looks like standing at home plate when it’s lit up on the inside, and the stadium is using night time lighting.  One has to assume that stuff has been thought of ahead of time, but I would like to see a pov shot from down there.

Anyway, the Rangers took on the Mexico City Red Devils.  They were billed as “The Yankees of Mexican baseball”.  I think that was probably an attempt to get Rangers fans to think they weren’t playing a team full of scrubs.   I’m not going to get into a recap of this, because despite my having watched the game, I fell asleep in the middle, due to the stress of the tornado action earlier in the day.  Plus, spring is now over, especially as the final 25 man roster has been announced.  I’ll write about that separately.

I will say that the Rangers have win the last five games in a row, and the last eight out of nine the spring.  Definitely playing their best (record wise) at this moment.  That might have something to do with the fact that they’re playing mostly regulars now, and not minor league guys for the bulk of the game.