ST28: Yu fans 11 in 5-3 win over Rockies

Yu Darvish looked quite good on Friday night against the Rockies.   Six innings pitched, six hits, one walk, but ELEVEN strike outs.  That was quite nice.  He did give up three earned runs, however two of them came on a two run home run to Jason Giambi, who is still playing (that surprised me).   In fact, Giambi was the only guy who Darvish didn’t have control over.   Giambi was 3-3.  Helton was 2-3.  Between those two, they had five of the nine hits that Colorado had for the entire game.

Darvish did pretty well, just not against those two.  :)

Rangers had some spread out offense.  10 hits, Nobody with more than two, and of the starters, only one took an ofer.   Playing catchup with spring games now that the start of the season is upon us, so I won’t go into detail, just a mostly no power game.  Just two doubles, the rest were singles.

Nice to get a bloody win, though – and it’s nice that Darvish seems to be rounding into shape as we are finishing – just one more spring game for him, the final one – tonight (I’m writing this five days after the game was played).