G2: Rangers lose 3-2 on Nathan HR

So starts the list of games I can’t see.  “Watched” this one on mlb at bat on the computer, since I couldn’t watch it on TV.  Listened to (most of) the radio broadcast.  It sounded to me like Derek Holland was a bit all over the place.

He technically was given a quality start, but let’s face it.  Six innings pitched, three earned runs (ERA of 4.50) barely qualifies.  Men far more erudite than me on the subject of baseball stats have argued that one, so I won’t go into extreme detail.   But Holland didn’t help himself with three walks over his six innings.   His overall line was six innings pitched, three hits, three earned runs, three walks, and five strikeouts.   Holland was a bit wobbly early on, but settled down after the Sox did their scoring against him, and put up three zeroes in the 4th through 6th innings.   Derek exited with 93 pitches, which for six innings was only three over the recommended limit, so he probably could have gone again.  Perhaps it was a gut feeling by Wash, or a “Hey, it’s his first outing, we’ll keep the count down a little” type of thing. 

Either way, he was followed by Alexi Ogando, who was stellar yet again.  One perfect inning pitched.  Mike Adams followed with his own shutout inning (not perfect; allowed a hit).  Joe Nathan came out in a non save situation in the top of the ninth, and did what a lot of closers who aren’t in save situations do.  NOT what they’re supposed to do.  Nathan gave up a home run ball to Alex Rios, which turned out to be the game winner.   We lose.

Offensively, Adrian Beltre & Mitch Moreland continued their ofers, and are both batting .000 for the season so far.   Three guys had two hits, and the rest had one.  The most notable here would be David Murphy, whose two hits were both doubles.   Josh Hamilton got a hit, and his average after two games (!) is .429 – does he qualify yet?  haha.  :)

Disappointing to get a loss in that way.  One never likes losses, but one that wipes out a tight game is annoying, because you always wonder what else you could have done to win.  Perhaps not have your closer give up a home run for a start.