Friday’s game Rained out

Friday’s game in Detroit was rained out.  Was bummed about that, as it was the one game a week I get on regular TV.  My wife had made one of my favorite meals (a buffalo chicken dip), and I was gonna settle in and watch.  Watched the whole pre-game on Channel 21.  Then..  Rain.  Half an hour later (fortunately I had some buffer on TiVo, only took five minutes), it was called.

A bonus is I ended up playing with my kids in the living room before they went to bed, so it’s not all bad.  :)

Makeup is tomorrow, in the cheapskate doubleheader.  One at noon, one at 6PM.  Fortunately, the 6PM game is on Channel 21, so I’ll watch that.  Just won’t have my good buffalo chicken dip to go with it.  :(