STG9: Rangers lose to Mariners, 6-4

I’m not saying much about this game.  For a couple of reasons.

  1. It was a no radio, no TV, no webcast game.  Boxscore only.  Those are hard for me to pay any kind of attention to, and I do better with commentary when I can pay attention to the game.
  2. The reason I wasn’t paying attention was because I was busy putting together a toddler bed, and rearranging my son’s room when the game was on.  Last night was the first night my son slept in anything other than his crib.

So I was a bit occupied.

I will say this.  Didn’t like Joe Nathan’s line.  It’s spring, I’m not worried, but I do worry about the overall condition of Joe Nathan.  If he can’t go, we have a big closer problem.


  1. says

    I’m currently in Phoenix AZ and would like to see Yu Darvish pitch. Can anyone tell me the next time he should take the bump in spring training?