STG7: Rangers waste Lewis outing, lose 3-2

Colby Lewis is now the “ace” of the staff.  Someone has to be the #1 pitcher, right?  Today he pitched like he owned the job, and wasn’t just given it by default.

Colby went four innings (for Mar 10th, a long outing), and just dominated.  No hits, no walks, and five strikeouts.   No idea how many pitches he threw (wasn’t in the box score).  But everything I’ve read says it was a shutdown outing.   Hard to argue with the numbers in the box score.

Scott Feldman followed that, and threw three innings of his own.  They weren’t as shutdown as Colby was, but he did go scoreless.  Two hits a walk, and three punchouts.  Feeling good about the pitching this outing.   Spring invite Sean Green followed and threw another scoreless inning.

Then Miguel De Los Santos followed all that and stunk up the outing.  So badly, we lost the game on his watch.  He gave up all three runs the White Sox got, and all in the bottom of the ninth.   Technically the final blow was on Justin Miller’s tab, but the run was charged to Santos.

Still, it doesn’t tarnish what Colby Lewis did – as he needs to pitch more like today than he did most of 2011.  Which wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t like this.  That’s for sure.

Offensively, we had just five singles and a double.  We pushed across two individual runs in the second and seventh.   Hardly anything in terms of sustained offense in this game.

We need more of this version of Colby Lewis if we’re gonna progress past the point we’ve gotten to the last couple of seasons.   Please don’t turn us into the Buffalo Bills.

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