STG2: Rangers drop game late; lose 7-6

Game 2 of spring training was one of those webcast deals that I’ve talked about many times in the past. The broadcast people were Steve Busby and John Blake. Busby was kind of cool to listen to, but when you bring in guys aren’t usually broadcasters like Blake, it tends to seem like I’m listening to some other teams broadcasters.

Unlike yesterday’s game when we had only five hits for the whole game, we got out pretty quickly and were up five to nothing after an inning and a half. It ended up being 5 to 1 after two. There was no big outburst there was just a lot of sustained hits. I suppose the biggest deal in that was Elvis’ triple in the second.

Derek Holland and Alexi Ogando started off the game and pitched two innings each. Holland gave up one run and Ogando none. That was pretty much all the offense against our regular pitchers; guys that will see in the main 25. Didn’t see them due to this being an audio only broadcast, did see some highlights on TXA 21 later but that’s not quite the same as seeing them during the game.

After that, the Royals chipped away against a bunch of pitchers we probably won’t see again except maybe Tanner Sheppers. The kind of runs you give up in March that are easily disposable.

Offensively we were led by Elvis Andrus and Adrian Beltre Both of them had three hits, Beltre also had three RBIs. Actually in game two of the spring, surprise they were in there long enough to get three at-bats.

We lost late in a walk off, but then it’s early in the spring what are you going to do?

One interesting note about this game recap. It was completely dictated and entered via Siri on my iPhone. Never used the computer for this one. All the cross posts to twitter and Facebook were automatic. That’s one of the massive advantages of this new website of mine, and is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.