ST21: Rangers finally win; 4-1 over Giants

This was a game that I got to watch on TV.  I sat down with my iPad to score the game, grabbed a beer, I was ready to enjoy this.  And then I fell asleep on the sofa.  I was wiped for some reason.  It wasn’t super late, started at 8PM, but due to family concerns, I had to wait till around 10PM to start it, so I couldn’t make it through the whole game.  What I did see though was a great pitching matchup.

Alexi Ogando started the game, and while the line is he’s just getting work in, a start is an interesting idea, given he went 4.2 innings – way longer than he’d go if he was totally destined to go into the bullpen.  I suspect this is hedging one’s bets against a possible problem with Netfali Feliz in the starting rotation.  Probably don’t want to be caught without an option in the rotiation.   He did great, going 4.2 innings, allowing just three runs and three walks.  Punched out three as well.  But most importantly, no runs.   Even though he didn’t clear five, he did get the win, but this is spring training, I’m assuming the rules about “winning pitcher” are more relaxed here.

He was followed by Neal Cotts, Mike Adams,  & Robert Ross in the “no runs allowed” group.  Nice middle pithcing there.  Mark Hamburger finished it up, allowing the Giants their only run.  He was a bit wild, allowing two hits and two walks, but just the one run, so it could have been worse.

On the other side, the Giants threw out Madison Bumgardner, a name that still makes the 10 year old in me snicker just a little.  :)   Anyway, he went 5.2, allowing just the one run on eight hits and two walks.  Not the most pinpoint, but he got the job done.   The one run came on three straight singles in the top of the fifth.   That was about where I crashed and burned.

When I woke up the game was long over (something at like 3AM), and I went to bed not knowing who had won.    The three runs in the 9th we got came on a handful of singles by Rangers minor leaguers, plus a hit by pitch against Craig Gentry.  Missed all that. :)