ST16: Harrison strong; Rangers still lose though 3-2

Got to see this game – I’m getting spoiled. hahaha.  Seriously, though, it was nice seeing the Rangers on TV, and it was even better seeing an outing like that from Matt Harrison.  Matt’s one of those guys you always hoped would work out, but at least for me, I never thought it was a lock he would.  I want him to succeed.  I would love nothing better than for it to work, if for no other reason than to make the Saltamacchia trade with the Braves look that much better.

Matt was quite strong.  I thought Derek Holland looked great on Saturday, but Matt was just as good on Sunday.  If these two have gotten over the hump and gotten quite good at the same time – it will be bloody gold for our team.  Matt was sharp, and was the first Rangers starter to go five innings this spring.   Matt went five innings, allowing just one hit and one walk.  He did allow an earned run, but it wasn’t from being batted around, that’s for sure.  Five strikeouts in his five innings as well.  There’s not much else to write about Matt in this game, because I’d just be repeating some variant of “He looked great out there”.  I remain hopeful this is the guy we’ll see.  15 or 16 wins out of him would be just nice!  :)

He was followed by Mark Hamburger, who also had a decent outing, if not as crisp and stellar as Matt’s.  Mark went 3 innings, allowed two hits and two walks.  Allowed the same single earned run, while striking out just one.   I have to confess I don’t know much about him, despite him pitching with the big club last year.  I also have to confess that I go all “Josh Lewin” whenever I see him, because of his name.  It’s the kind of name that just makes me want to make names about it.  I realize that’s a childish response, but I can’t seem to help it.  Had we gotten Covelli Crisp a few years ago like rumored, I would have been making fun of him with CoCo Crisp jokes, too.  Still, if Hamburger pitches well, he can call himself whatever he wants, jokes be damned.

Sean Green finished up, allowed the third run, and was tagged with the loss in his one inning of work.  Was a solo home run as well.

The home run Green allowed was particularly annoying, as we had just tied the game up 2-2 in the bottom of the 8th.

Offense in general was kept to a minimum.  Rangers had just six hits overall.  Four singles, two doubles, and nobody had more than a single hit.

Ah well, at least Matt Harrison looked really good.  It’s spring, so yeah, I know.  Doesn’t count, but you want your pitchers to be doing well, not poorly.