ST11: TX loses again; this time to Rockies 6-1

Well, the Rangers win loss record isn’t so hot this spring.  Normally I don’t get worried about spring records, but darnit.  We’re two time defending AL Champs.  We shouldn’t have that kind of crappy record in the spring.  Even though they don’t count.  I wanted to see ’em turn it in in March and carry through October.  Not piss around in Spring Training with a record like THIS.

Neftali Feliz started this game, and did much better than his other outing.  This game he went three innings, allowed four hits and one run while walking one.  Struck out three.  Much better line than the other day.  However, what followed him wasn’t that great, and I don’t feel like writing about a line of relievers that didn’t do their jobs.  So you can go read the box score yourself for those guys.  Meh.

Not much offense this game, either.   Two doubles, four singles.  That was it.  Just the lone run in the third.

Probably a good thing I didn’t see or hear any of this game.   That these are exhibition games make it more likely for me to tune out in the middle.  Somehow a regular season game has that extra “something” that will keep me going in a boring game or a game we’re losing longer than an exhibition game will.