Rangers TV in 2010

In my quest to get the site in shape for the new season, I started working on the schedule pages. The first thing I did was check out the Rangers site to see what the schedule looked like. Looking for weird events that I need to keep track of, etc…
For the last few years, the Rangers deal has been with Fox TV. Certain really high profile games (like opening day) were on Fox 4. The majority of the games are on Fox Sports Southwest, as the team makes more money with them on cable. Since the deal was with Fox, the free OTA games were on KDFI Channel 27. That is not a surprise, since they’re all Fox.
However, today when I went to look at the schedule I noticed that the OTA games were on KTXA-21. It’s not a huge deal, but that’s a CBS station. Did something change with the TV deal that I’m not aware of? There wasn’t any sort of announcement that I recall.
Does anyone have any information on this? I wonder if there was some unannounced deal where the TV contract was renegotiated in order to help Hicks get some more coin.
Additionally, while it hasn’t been said, I’m hoping we can get a “100% of the games in HD” this year. Last year there was a huge deal made out of the fact that they had a rather large percentage of the games in HD. I’d love for all the games to be in HD. It’s so much sweeter that way.


  1. Ashura96 says

    Hello, I’ve been checking out your blog for many years now, and i decided to register to comment.
    As for the 2010 TV deal, it was announced at the ballpark between games on the May 29th Double header last year, I attended both games and was surprised at that announcement, and they originally stated every Friday game (including the Exhibition on April 2) would be on Ch. 21, looks like they are sticking with that. I’m disappointed that even the home opener won’t be over the air as I don’t have cable or satellite. (All the more reason to GO to Opening Day for once!) Since TXA 21 is owned by CBS 11, they should perhaps broadcast opening day on Ch. 11, would make sense.
    Keep up the great work on this blog!