Clint Hurdle

Well, Rudy Jaramillo’s successor has been named, and it’s not Rusty Greer. It’s Clint Hurdle. I don’t know a lot about Clint Hurdle, but if you read the article on the Rangers site about him, there’s this quote..

the importance of a team-first mentality

There was some noise at the end of the season about Jaramillo’s mentality being too much for the three run home run. I don’t know how true that is, but the “team first” mentality quote plays off those remarks. I can’t add anything profound about Hurdle, as I don’t know jack about him, but let’s hope he turns out OK. Probably won’t make anything worse.
The one question I want to know is what uniform number will he wear? :)


  1. Kurt says

    I think it’s a great pick. Rusty just doesn’t have enough experience and the only players on our roster to have played with Rusty when he was here was Michael (2 years), Hank (2 months), and Pudge. For where our team is at right now, we need a veteran hitting coach and Hurdle is just that.
    Any idea though why the Rockies let him go mid-season? Sketchy.