Hicks has six offers for sale of Rangers?

Read an article this evening saying that Hicks might have six offers for sale of the Rangers. This is not surprising, as all indicators seem to be that the team will change ownership hands this coming off-season. Assuming that’s legit, this would just be part of that process, and itself isn’t newsworthy, but I haven’t seen any hard news in a little bit since that bru-ha-ha I started by reporting what I heard on XM about MLB loaning Hicks money for payroll.
Anyway, the only offer I care about is the one from Nolan Ryan, or at least the one that Nolan Ryan is involved in, and the one that will result in Nolan Ryan being the primary owner.
This is all amusing timing, as I got an email this morning from Ranger fan “Darren”, asking me this.

Joe, They (Dunham & Miller) have been talking about moving the Rangers this morning. Are you hearing it?

I wrote him back saying that I had not, as I don’t care for the Ticket at all, and never listen. Did anyone else hear this? Since I did not, I can’t directly comment on what they said. I wonder if it was actual talk about the team moving (like news), or was it just them speculating on what might happen if finances don’t get any better? Let me know what happened here.
To top this all off, it’s interesting to add that I heard on the radio yesterday driving to the doubleheader a report saying that AAA Round Rock might become the Rangers new AAA affiliate once the contract for RR & OKC expire after the 2010 season.
Gee, would that work out for Nolan Ryan owning the Rangers and owning one of their minor league affiliates, eh? :)


  1. jumangi says

    I heard the morning guys talking about it, and basically they are hearing that there are indeed interested parties in the Rangers but they are not interested in the ballpark, they belive it is quickly becoming dated, and are not crazy about the location even with the new Cowboys stadium next door.
    They are only interested in buying if they can get a stadium built near downtown Dallas, to tap into all the new, big money in Collin County.

  2. Kurt says

    I can’t imagine RedHawks management not renewing the contract to stay the AAA affiliate. The RedHawks mean way too much to Oklahoma and they get pretty steady attendance being right in downtown OKC.