Orel Hershiser Cares!

… or at least he did. ;)
I ran across this video a few months ago, and never put it online. As I’m trying to clear up a lot of “deal with these later” bookmarks in my browser, here goes.. In 1991, a charity song called “Voices that Care” was written “to help boost the morale of U.S. troops involved in Operation Desert Storm, as well as supporting the International Red Cross organization.”
It had a gaggle of musicians, and entertainers, not all of which seemed to go together. Randy Travis, Celine Dion, Garth Brooks, Little Richard, The Pointer Sisters, Kenny G, and Jani Lane from Warrant. There’s also others in the “choir” equally as disconnected. Sheena Easton, Sally Field, Don King, Jon Lovitz, Fred Savage, Alyssa Milano, Chevy Chase, and yeah – former Rangers pitching coach Orel Hershiser.
In an article I read about this thing, Orel had this to say regarding the video:

“It’s like someone picking your nose — you don’t want to watch it,” Hershiser said. “I see the first frame and I turn away. That might be the most embarrassing thing ever. It’s right up there with ‘The Super Bowl Shuffle.'”

He’s right, it’s pretty atrocious. I know it had good intent, but yeesh – do thes people think sap songs like that will LIVEN people’s spirits? They’re likely go go “Eargh – TURN IT OFF!” Here, look for yourself (Orel appears at 4:10)…


  1. Ryan Gleason says

    Holy cow, was that painful. Could that have really seemed like a good idea 18 years ago?