Pudge in 2009

I hit the ESPN MLB site tonight, and saw their poll, which was simply “Is Pudge Done” with a Yes or No. After I voted no, I saw the current results, which were 54% yes and 46% no.
It did make me wonder – is he done? While he’s not off the map, he’s not the offensive force he once was, and while I don’t think he’s a 154 game front line catcher anymore, he certainly can do a decent enough job for someone. I’ve always felt Pudge would make a token appearance back here at the end of his career to bookend things. He certainly wouldn’t be the first player mostly known for being a Ranger to do that.
Where do you see Pudge playing 2009 at all? Please comment below.


  1. David Clark says

    I think Pudge will play this upcomming season but I don’t think we should try to get him. We need to let the young catchers mature and bringing Pudge back might hinder that since he would take a roster spot.

  2. Jeff says

    I think Pudge will end his career as a backup in Texas, and I would like to see this. However, i don’t think it will happen for several more years.