G29: Ponson (!) outduels Greinke to win 2-1 pitcher’s duel

Uh, hello? Is that really Sidney Ponson who did that? Did my ears deceive me? Perhaps it was because I was at work, and not listening as intently as I do at home. No way could Sidney Ponson go eight innings, give up just one run and striking out five. Not THAT guy. No way. That had to be some sort of typo.
Turns out it really was Sidney Ponson – the guy who couldn’t “pitch his way out of a bleeping paper bag” (Thanks Tom) for awhile now. It was his first win in the majors in a full calendar year. The same guy who last had what could be qualified as a “good season” in 2003 when he split the year between Baltimore and San Francisco. It was quite impressive to hear. Probably better to watch.
There were just eleven hits total by both teams. Nine of those were singles. The other two were solo home runs by the Rangers, accounting for all of our runs. The first was a leadoff home run by Ian Kinsler in the first, and the other was a shot from Ramon Vazquez in the sixth. The Royals pushed across their run in the third. But that was it. Little offense to speak of. We turned two double plays against Kansas City, which always helps.
The biggest surprise to me (sadly) was that we didn’t make any errors. There were a few lineup changes. Michael Young DH’ed, and Vazquez played short. Milton Bradley did not play at all, and Brandon Boggs started in left.
The game was very short, by far the shortest of the season, lasting just two hours and ten minutes. Given how much games cost anymore, I prefer longer – I feel like I get more value, but 2:10 is always nice to see from time to time.


  1. says

    I almost choked on my lunch.
    You typed, “Michael Young DH’ed.”
    I read, “Michael Young DFA’ed.”
    That got my attention real quick.

  2. Joe Siegler says

    If they actually DFA’ed Michael Young, they’d be on the hook for an assload of money. :)