G24: Rangers finally win in walkoff fashion Friday, 6-5

Hands up those of you who thought that Justin Morneau’s home run was the end of the game. It was for me. Fortunately, I didn’t just skip past the bottom of the third inning.
The third inning was an active one. The Twins got two singles (one of which was a bunt single), and a walk. Morneau followed that with a grand slam, putting the Twins up 5-0. Given how our last week has gone, that was a “Oh crap, here’s #8” feeling. Fortunately, though the Twins put a stinker of their own up there in the bottom of the frame.
If my box score is right, the Rangers started off with five singles in a row, and then two doubles. Unfortunately, the second one had a boneheaded baserunning play. Jason Botts doubled to right field, which sent Blalock home. Hank was thrown out, though, and on the play, Botts stupidly tried to advance to third – he was so out it was laughable. That killed the momentum we had that inning, as Catalanotto struck out looking right after that. Now, a five spot is nothing to sneeze about, but had we not had the bonehead play, five runs would have been in and men on second and third with nobody out. Could have been a heck of a lot more.
What made that feel worse is that in the sixth inning, Catalanotto was called out at the plate, too. Two outs at home – something you never want to see.
Kevin Millwood’s line obviously wasn’t good, but he seemed better than his line showed. He did go six, but gave up eight hits and three walks. Struck out six, but did give up five earned runs. Even with that, his ERA is still a VERY respectable 3.32.
Our bullpen threw four innings of shutout ball. Something nice to see after the bad performance on the losing streak. Eddie Guardado came off the DL and was the first of the four relievers (including Wright, Wilson, & Benoit) to toss a scoreless frame.
Offensively, we had a lot of hits (fourteen in all). Every Rangers starter had at least one, and we had four guys with multiples. We were led here by David Murphy who went 3-5. Hank Blalock had two doubles in this game. Jason Botts & Josh Hamilton also had doubles. Hamilton’s double was one of those that stopped in between two outfielders, and Josh chugged his way to a double where most guys would have settled for a single – nice hustle on that one (if you saw it, you know what I mean). Murphy would have had two doubles, except the walkoff one was far enough for a double, but was only credited with a single; the game having ended at that point.
Unfortunately, though in the bottom of the 10th inning, Hank Blalock came up gimpy going to second base, and was quite clearly in pain, clutching his hamstring. That looked bad when it happened, but he was going to be evaluated today. The fact that he wasn’t put on the DL last night is hopeful, but hamstrings are never a good thing to see happen in a game. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t end up on the DL.
Also, there was an enormous amount of press yesterday about this weekend bringing the firing of Ron Washington. Some of my blogging brethren were actively calling for it. Quite frankly, I don’t see the need for this. Washington reminds me a lot of Johnny Oates, and Wash I think needs more time than the one year and a month he’s been given during the regular season. Are things going great? No. Does someone need to be accountable? Oh sure, my gut just doesn’t say it’s time yet.
Having said that, if Wash is let go, my guess for interim replacement is probably Art Howe, as he’s already here. But I really don’t want to see Wash go yet. I don’t think it’s time, even given the horrendous start we’ve gotten off to.


  1. Kurt Cockran says

    Galloway put it best when he said if you are going to fire Wash, fire Jon as well. He then said that because of that, neither should be fired.
    I agree, Washington shouldn’t be accounted for for our current struggles. J.D. shouldn’t be accounted for either because every single trade he’s made (except for the idiotic San Diego trade he made in his first year…ugh, how nice it would be to have Chris Young instead of the crap we throw out there every night. Neither of the players we got in that deal are even with us. Heck Aki’s not with anybody and Eaton’s got a 5.08 ERA with the Phillies while Young is still careering it and I know Adrian couldn’t have ever played with Tex in front of him but come on…Tex was bound to get bought by somebody not named the Texas Rangers eventually. Would you honestly rather have Broussard’s .167 average or Brad Wilkkkkkkkerson over what we should have in Gonzalez? I digress…) has been stockpiling the prospects. Last year we thought coming into the season that we might make some noise because of offseason additions. This year we came into the season with little if any hope of doing anything but now we at least know we have prospects waiting in the womb.
    Besides, I never was in favor of hiring Ron in the first place. The guy we should’ve got is managing the Royals now. We supported both Wash and Daniels when they were first hired…at least give them a decent chance.