The Mitchell Report and the Rangers

Ranger names named in the Mitchell Report:
After a quick search of the full Mitchell Report (avilable here) turns up these players who were with the Texas Rangers at some point in their career, although not necessarily when they were with the Rangers at the time.

  • Ferguson Jenkins (Page 29) – Then commissioner Kuhn suspended Jenkins for his refusal to cooperate in an investigation into his own arrest for marijuana, hash, & cocaine.
  • Jose Canseco (Page 66) – No further comment needed on this.
  • John Hart / Juan Gonzalez (Page 98) – I’ll just quote.. “By early in the 2002 season, however, Presinal was observed in and around the clubhouse of the Texas Rangers (where Juan Gonzalez was playing at the time). Sign-in records indicate that Presinal was in the Rangers clubhouse frequently that season. The Rangers also reserved (but did not pay for) rooms for Presinal at the club’s hotels that season. The Rangers’ general manager, John Hart, was aware of the October 2001 incident and Presinal’s alleged role in it”. Busting John Hart was a bit of a surprise.
  • David Segui (Page 150) – He has already publically admitted his use, no surprise here.
  • Gregg Zaun (Page 179) – Apparently bought some steroids when he was with Kansas City. He never had that “look” of a steroid user, though.
  • Hicks/Daniels (Page 204) – This page says the two had suspicions of Miguel Tejada when there was some talk of acquring him in December 2005.
  • Mike Stanton (Page 205) – Apparently bought in 2001 when he was with the Mets.
  • Jerry Hairston Jr (Page 207 & 251) – According to this page, he bought in 2003, after being referred to by Segui, and then again in 2004.
  • Kevin Brown (Page 214) – According to this, he was referred to by Paul LoDuca when the two were teammates for the Dodgers.
  • Eric Gagne (Page 217) – Appears that he bought sometime between 1999 and 2004 (again referred to by LoDuca).
  • Gary Matthews Jr (Page 252) – Says what we already knew, that he received a package of HGH in August 2004 at an address by then Ranger minor leaguer Chad Allen.
  • Ismael Valdez (Page 255) – Says that he bought $2500 of HGH in Sep 2002 while with the Mariners.
  • Steve Woodard (Page 256) – Mentions he recieved steroids & HGH, but does not say WHEN.
  • Jamie Reed (Page 299) – Rangers trainer is mentioned as someone who is anti-steroid.

That’s my quick scan of the 409 page document for “Texas Rangers”. If I missed someone, please comment on it.
Interesting that the report says that John Hart was “aware” of events during his tenure – and Juan Gonzalez is linked to him, too.
UPDATE: In my quick scan I missed a few players. I’ve looked at a few compiled lists since then, and saw that these guys were named, too.

  • John Rocker
  • Ken Caminiti – No surprise there, he admitted it.
  • Manny Alexander

Rafael Palmeiro & Sammy Sosa are listed, but only regarding interviews; no implication of them “using” that I can find.