Rusty Greer

I’ll have more to say about tonight’s game some time tomorrow. It’s late, and I don’t feel like writing right now. However, I did want to say this. Really nice to see Rusty out there again. Nice tributes and letters. However, I wanted to post a few pictures I took. I have them up in my photo gallery here.
However, this one was worth noting. After the ceremony was over, and Rusty was taking his “lap around the ballpark”, he got near where I was sitting, and he passed Michael Young. Michael Young tipped his cap to Rusty as he drove by. Most folks will not have seen that, but it was a great moment. I almost got a shot of it, but got it just as Michael put his cap back on his head. Here’s a thumbnail of that:

Was also nice the folks who made their own “retired number” sign for Rusty Greer in left field:


  1. Kurt Cockran says

    Hmm, where could our Tom Hicks possibly be?
    Probably not wanting to get booed is my guess.