G94: Rangers lose AGAIN to A’s now solidly in third place

Ever get that sinking feeling? That’s the way it feels right now. Sure, we could still turn it around, but the gut feeling says that we won’t. I want to believe, but our pitching is a shambles, and about to get more interesting what with the Kenny Rogers scenario. The trading deadline is when you hear that music signaling the calvary coming in over the hill. Well, we heard something yesterday. Kevin Gryboski & James Baldwin? Ugh. Now Gryboski probably won’t be all that bad, but Baldwin strikes me as Pedro Astacio II. I can’t see us making a serious run on someone like AJ Burnett or Jason Schmidt, so we’re probably stuck plodding along like we’ve been doing this season. I’m not one of these fans that wants to “blow it up” or wants to insult management, calling them names. Those kind of fans would call in to the now extinct post game show on KRLD and (rightfully so) get insulted by Steve Busby. But it is difficult when you can’t really see any out for this season. I wonder how those 3 fans in Montreal dealt with it for so many years, or the handful of hardcores in Tampa Bay deal with it.
The actual game as such was a real annoying loss – we had many men left on base, and we couldn’t get the job done. Simple as that.
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    You think you have it rough, try being a Mariners fan this year! Interested to see if Kenny gets any love with the appeal process.
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