G159: Rangers win home finale 6-3; doesn’t matter

The final home game of the season ends on a good note, with a 6-3 win over the Angels. Rookie starter Chris Young pitched well, going six innings, giving up three runs, and looking like a good candidate for next season’s rotation. The home season ended the way it started, with RA Dickey on the mound pitching well. Too bad RA didn’t pitch all that well inbetween the start and end of the home schedule most of the time. :(
Of the 81 games at home this season, we won 51 of them, tying our best season for home winning record at 51-30. Overall, an outstanding season at home. Now if we can just get rid of the Gold Club behind home plate, things might go better.
Vlad Guerrero continued to be on a torrid streak here, having another two home runs today (he went 4-4 in this game). That gave him a 12 for 17 streak during this series, with a total of FIVE home runs in this series (two 2 HR games). Amazing.
However, the best part of the game by far was the “Thank you” lap the Rangers made around the stadium at the conclusion of the game. A very nice touch by the team, and probably won them a few season ticket holders for next year by doing that. I’m sure a lot of fans (and Randy Galloway) might see it as a cynical move, but I very much liked it – to me it showed there was some heart there. And that’s always a good thing.