G157: Rangers lose game and ground, 8-2

I suppose the thing that bothered me most about this game is that we have the season on the line. We’re up against the wall, and we’re sending Chan Ho Park out there. The biggest pitching disappointment in the entire history of the franchise, and we send him out there to save our slim playoff hopes. If there’s anything that will dash the goodwill of Ranger fans, it’s got to be that. I really hope the Park experiment is cut loose in the off season. It will cost Hicks a gob of money to do that, but he is NOT helping us, and as we move forward from this season, I can’t see Park playing a part in it (a good one anyway), so after three years, it’s time to cut him loose.
We lost this game mostly because of the four home runs given up by our pitching. Two by Park, and two by John Wasdin. Two of them were by Vladimir Guerrero, who definitely seems to have a power stroke here in this series.
After this loss, I said to my wife, “Well, we’re not technically out of it, but we might as well be”. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of fire in there right now.