G142: Rangers sweep Blue Jays, 7-6

This is a game that no one saw unless you were there, or were watching Toronto coverage. For some reason this game wasn’t televised. Thing is, I probably wouldn’t have watched much of it anyway, as it was Week 1 in the NFL. Now I don’t like the Cowboys, I was watching other teams on the satellite. I love baseball, but there’s something about opening weekend. It’s just awesome. :)
It was nice to see Mark Teixeira get two home runs – his power has really come on, and at the right time too. We swept the Blue Jays, scoring 27 runs over the three games. Nice to see. We’ll need all of that as we go into Oakland where we realistically have to come out of there with at least a 3-1 record, otherwise, we won’t have enough games left, IMHO to overtake the lead in the division. It could still happen, but it’s not terribly likely.
The Philadelphia Eagles are 1-0! \o/ :)