G141: Rangers beat Blue Jays, 10-7

This was a game I attended. As it was September 11th, there was a big military salute at the start of the game. It was a nice ceremony, but I wonder why Buck Showalter gave his jacket to one of the vets – I wonder if Buck knew that kid.
Anyway, the game had a bit of everything. Power, defense, plenty of offense, and a really nice comeback win for the Rangers. I felt bad for Kenny Rogers, as he should have had his 17th win of the season. He’s got 4 starts left, and he has to go 4-0 to get to 20, which I’m sure everyone was hoping he would. Either way, I feel barring a meltdown, he’ll break his previous record of 17 wins (in 1995).
I’m not writing much about the game, as there wasn’t a lot to say for me beyond it was nice weather, the Rangers won, and the lead flipflopped about half a dozen different times it seemed.
It was nice to see the offense get in gear, as we’re about to hit the most important part of the season, if we still want to get to the post season. I just hope it all doesn’t get lost since we’ll be batting first the next seven games.