G130: Rangers drop game to Twins, 8-5

I didn’t see or hear most of this game, as I was first grocery shopping, then spending some time with my wife who wasn’t feeling well. Listened to the end of it where I found more enjoyment in watching the Yankees get annihilated over on another channel, anyway. ;) Besides, Torii Hunter was busy destroying us.
I’m not ready to proclaim us done yet, but a feeling of dread is starting to creep in. We can either do good against the AL West in September, or get buried. Either way, I never expected us to even be here at this point. This season is a success no matter what happens from here on out.
Also, I’ve kind of slowed down on scoring the games. It was starting to burn me out, so I’m only going to be posting scorecards from games that I actually am at and score from this point out.